Teens Done Different ~ Christy & Julie Perkins

There’s literally thousands of perspectives and opinions on how to “raise kids”…especially “teenagers” – how many have you tried? Did they work for you? What did you KNOW about those experiences – before? during? after?

Julie Perkins, Christy Perkins



November 30, 2015-Farewell for Now: The Energy of “Goodbye”

What’s your point of view about “goodbye”? Are you like Shakespeare’s Juliet who said “Parting is such a sweet sorrow”? Sad because she and Romeo were parting – yet “sweet” in the knowing that she’ll be seeing him again? Or are you a “I’m not good at goodbyes” type person? Join Christy and Julie as they explore the energy of “goodbye” through its word origins and tales of...

November 23, 2015-The Change Train: The Journey of Transitions

How do you view change? As something inevitable? That you have no control over? Or as something positive? That you can co-create with? What if change was a journey – and not a destination? One that could be as speedy or as easy as you desire? Join Christy and Julie as they explore what change can mean to teens and parents. They’ll explore typical transitions of schools, work, relationships, bodies and life!...

November 16, 2015-Parent’s Edition #3: From Dutiful Parent to Conscious Coach

Parents, is your relationship with your teens working for you? If not, what do you desire it to be? What if you could co-create a new relationship with speed and ease – to the benefit of everyone? Tune in to explore the world of coaching, a place where questions and deep listening exist, with no judgement. Add to that a heaping helping of consciousness – that intuitively perceived knowledge of something...

November 9, 2015-Parent’s Edition #2: Courageous Conversations of Teens and Parents; Guests Christine McIver, Alisha Orenchuk &Connor Perkins

Parent’s Edition #2 is for both Parents AND Teens and will focus on “speaking up” courageously on all kinds of topics! Two parent / teen “teams” will boldly step forward to talk about ANYTHING in their lives that they’ve been hesitant to discuss until now (Sex – Drugs – and Rock-n-Roll included!) Mom Julie Perkins and her son, Connor plus mom Christine McIver and her daughter, Alisha will...

November 2, 2015-Parent’s Edition: Tools for Navigating the “Troubled Waters” of Teen-dom

The “teen” years: so many projections and expectations of what they could be – SHOULD be – ought (never) be! Not just for the teens themselves but also for the parents and anyone (relatives, neighbors, teachers, guardians, coaches, scout leaders, etc) who has teens in their lives. In this special Parent’s Edition of Teens Done Different, hear from mom and life coach Julie Oreson Perkins, as she talks about...

October 26, 2015-GIMME A BREAK! The Magic of Taking Care of YOU

Hey, teens AND parents! Got STRESS? Then this show is for you! It’s not your typical “top 10 tips for less stress and more self-care show” though – it’s a show about being aware of your energy…and facilitating it in a way that works for you – your body – your life! What if you could manage your energy so that not only does your life – your school – your work – become more EASE? More FUN?...

October 19, 2015-Seeing the Unseen – Capacity or Curse? Guest – Glenyce Hughes

Do you perceive beings or animals that have long since left the Planet? Are you ever aware of pockets of energy that nobody else seems to notice? Does this make you feel cursed? Or like you’re on the fast train to insanity land? What would it take to claim and own this as a capacity or strongness – instead of a wrongness? We’re going to explore this with our special guest, Glenyce Hughes – international...

October 12, 2015-Just “Follow the Energy” – What DOES That Mean?

Calling all energetic beings! (Wait…that’s ALL of us!) Let’s talk about the language of energy – and what “following the energy” means! Tune into listen to how Christy and Julie are continually “building the muscle” of our energetic presence by communicating without spoken words…Plus hear some of our favorite stories about “energy tracking” that resulted in so much happiness! We’ll also...

October 5, 2015-GIVE ME SPACE! Creating and Managing the Energies of “Space”

What is “space”? That “outer” place full of stars and other planets? Your own, specially designed or decorated room? That feeling you get while in nature – or after amazing bodywork – or when listening to great music? What if it’s all of the above and MORE? Tune in to hear about creating the space of YOU – and tools to expand instead of contract when things encroach upon YOUR space! Teens and...

September 28, 2015-Growing Up Consciously: What Access Consciousness Contributes to Kids

Growing up can definitely be difficult. Being a parent can also be very difficult. But what if there was a different possibility with parents and their children? What if kids could grow up being taught to choose instead of obey? What if parents had ways of working with their kids instead of butting heads with them? Access Consciousness has given the gift of awareness and consciousness to Julie and Christy and...
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