Talk to the Entities® ~ Cara Wright and Bret Rushia

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Talk to the Entities is a holistic guide to all the information you should have been given at birth. It is pragmatic, easy and accessible to anyone who would like to create more awareness and knowledge with the subject of entities.

Are entities real? Are you communicating with them each and every day but not acknowledging that that is what your doing? Do ALL of us have this ability? What do you know about this subject? What else could you know, if you had the tools to build this muscle? 

Cara Wright, Bret Rushia



October 1, 2014-“ALL About Entities…All For the Entities” on Talk to the Entities® with Cara & Bret

This show has been a long time coming!!! Bret and I are extending the invitation to this show to ALL the entities without bodies!! (of course those of you with bodies are welcome too) Two weeks ago on the show we both had an awareness about how many entities were there listening, contributing and looking to be included in our show and we had totally been not acknowledging them!!..we are both soooo cute..not...

September 24, 2014-“HELP!!..I Think I Am Aware Of Entities…What Now???” with Special Guest Christine McIver've been listening to our show and you are finally noticing (and willing to admit:)) might be a little aware of entities..NOW WHAT???? Great Question!! Join us with our very own Christine McIver, as we look at and share the steps to empowering you in the face of your new and/or often MORE intense level of awareness of the entities around you. Whether you are just beginning to step...

September 17, 2014-“Business AS an Entity” on Talk to the Entities with Cara and Bret with Special Guest Simone Milasas

Did you know that ENTITY by definition is an energy that is defined?? Under this definition many things are and I are entities, ghosts, spirits, books, artwork, and YES any BUSINESS. Have you created a business or have you ever desired to create a business? Would you like some amazing tips and tools about how to create more fun, ease and success with your business by looking at it as it's own...

September 3, 2014-Entities AROUND the WORLD on Talk to the Entities with Cara and Bret

We have had some amazing guest lately and Pratima Nagaraj is no exception! She resides in Singapore and has facilitated TTTE classes in the east with some amazing experiences. Facilitating classes about entities/spirits around the world is such an enriching experience, very interesting, very different and yet has a common thread. Entities have been a familiar subject in the east for centuries and people...

August 27, 2014-“Confessions of a Talk to the Entities Facilitator” on Talk to the Entities with Cara and Bret

This week we have the lovely Sarah Andros as a guest on the show with us! Sarah is a brand new TTTE facilitator from down under. What is this crazy thing we choose when we become TTTE facilitators? What has it created for us in our lives, our businesses, our bodies, and so much more? What have we seen it create for others? Would you like to pick ours brains and see if it is something you would like to...

August 13, 2014-“Wait a Sec…Entities Can See Me Naked??” On Talk to the Entities With Cara and Bret

Fun show...Right?? This is a little bit of a play on always inevitably comes up when people start to allow themselves to be aware of what is really around them! Would you like to know the real answer to this question?? You have to tune in to find out!hehe From a totally different angle we will be playing with what all the ways we could become more "naked" to our awareness. We wonder if you...

August 6, 2014-“Three Keys to Creation with Entities..Clear-Communicate-Receive” on Talk to the Entities with Cara and Bret

Did you know that there are basically three main ways in which you will interact with entities once you choose to be aware of them? You can CLEAR them, you can COMMUNICATE with them, and you can RECEIVE from them...sound too simple?? What if it is not? What do these keys mean?? What do they create?? What else is possible?? Join Bret and Cara this week as they explore what will allow you to create with...

July 30, 2014-“Entities Choice For Embodiment…Pregnancy, Birth and Babies’ on Talk to the Entities with Cara and Bret

What occurs when entities choose to come here and embody? What choices do they have and what choices do the parents have? Is conception, pregnancy and birth a co-creation between the being (entity) that is embodying and the parents who are providing the environment? Is there a way for families to be created in a more conscious and generative way?? On this show Bret will be chatting with Cara about all...

July 23, 2014-YOU, the Greatest Entity There Is! on Talk To The Entities With Cara and Bret

In this reality, when you go to a psychic or get a reading from a medium, often they'll tell you the information they are receiving is coming from some great entity out there that knows way more than you do, and you should listen to them because since they don't have a body they must be greater than you are. Have you ever bought that? Would you like to give it up now? What if there was a different possibility...

July 16, 2014-Gettin’ Happy With Your Awareness…On Talk To The Entities With Cara and Bret

If you are somebody who has struggled with finding the magnificent you in the world when there is so much insanity, so much intensity, so much trauma, drama, stupidity and density then this show is for you. When I (Bret) first started doing Access and the tools of Talk to the Entities about 3 years ago, I was overwhelmed by my awareness of what was going on in the world, and especially with my awareness of...
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