Stand As 1 With Carly Gossard


What knowing lies within you, that if you were willing to share, would truly change the world and move it into the direction?  Are you desiring, as I do,  to build the kingdom of we where we can all stand as 1?

Stand As 1 is where we can come together as a community.  In this community we talk about the things we’ve been afraid to talk about or told not to talk about. We are told not to talk about these topics as they make others’ feel uncomfortable because they are unwilling to takeoff the rose colored glasses and see things the way they really are.


September 18, 2020-Master Creator Tips & Tricks ~ Guest Brittany Rogozinski

Stand As 1 With Carly Gossard  What if getting in touch with your master creator would put you in the world you truly dream of? Are hidden belief systems and programs we aren't aware of making it seem hard to create what you truly desire? Brittany Rogozinski is a former Access Consciousness Facilitator turned Shaman. She specializes in embodiment and multidimensional awareness. She is currently serving clients...

September 11, 2020-To Mask Or Not To Mask? ~ Carly Gossard

Stand As 1 With Carly Gossard  With everyone wearing a mask right now, what is it that we are truly hiding from ourselves and the world? What are we masking in our own lives that if we would take it off we could be more of who we truly are and create the life we all dream of? Join in the Live Chat Room too!!! ~ More About Stand As 1 With Carly Gossard ~  Carly...

September 4, 2020-Stand As 1 Debut ~ Carly Gossard Host

Stand As 1 With Carly Gossard  Join the founder of Inspired Choices Network, Christine McIver as she welcome Carly Gossard to her new radio/podcast show Stand As 1.  Feel free to join the two of them live and ask Carly questions in the chatroom or call in and ask them live. Carly Gossard is ready to have you join Stand As 1 each Friday where she will discuss all topics you can imagine.   ~ More About...