Sharing With Sher


Real Talk for Real People

“If you fell down yesterday, stand up today.”  – H. G. Wells

Are you ready to take work from “just a paycheck” to your passion, or your life from “meaningless days” to days filled with purpose? 

A few years ago, I felt my life lacked purpose and passion. I was in a joyless marriage and I felt empty on the inside, yet everyone thought I “had it all.”  The truth was that I was barely holding on while trying to look like I had it all together on the outside.

If this sounds familiar, then it is time to make a change. There is a better way of living available to you, but sometimes you need a little support. Join me each week as I share my story and the stories of others through laughter, tears and with inspiration.

Together we will share the sticky areas of truth-telling, authenticity and having the courage to choose living with PASSION over FEAR.  In these sometimes messy and heart-centered conversations, I will dig into the turmoil, frustrations and potholes of relationships, career struggles and the journey to find your true passion and purpose.

Sharing with Sher is a radio show for real people who are ready for a change, and for those who want to get all they can out of this thing called life.

Sher lives her life on purpose, using her talents as an internationally published author, human resources executive, credentialed life coach, and radio show host to support other entrepreneurs realize their dreams by putting their passions to work.

Join Sherri Elliott-Yeary as she and her provocative and engaging guests discuss, and answer questions centered around being REAL, RAW, FULFILLED and HAPPY during the most positive hour of your week.


December 12, 2018-The Power of Sisterhood ~ Guest Janet Bernstein

Sharing With Sher Radio Show What does the power of sisterhood mean to me? It’s a way of being with other women—both young and old—in which I do the following: • Hold the highest and best for them and see them as their future selves—especially when they’re going through a rough time • Encourage vulnerability and authenticity in our relationship and communication (I’m a “get real or go home”...

December 5, 2018-Effective Marketing Strategies to Connect with Your Millennial Consumer

Sharing With Sher Radio Show This liberal, diverse and technology-focused group is now the largest share of the U.S. labor force, outnumbering Baby Boomers both as workers and in sheer numbers in 2018. The generation—besides having shorter attention spans—is better at multitasking and is not easily deceived in regard to marketing and advertising. This year it is estimated that Millennials in the U.S. alone...

November 28, 2018-Manifesting the Life and Work You Desire ~ Guest Tonja Waring

Sharing With Sher Radio Show By manifesting, we mean to bring into existence that which we clearly intend for ourselves. Though it can sound overly simplistic and perhaps unrealistic to the untrained ear, manifesting that which we desire for our lives and work takes some real work. In this episode, we talk with manifesting expert Tonja Waring who shares her six secrets to create, manifest, and get what you...

November 21, 2018-Growing You & Your Business ~ Guest Lindy Chaffin Start

Sharing With Sher Radio Show The end of the year is fast approaching. The economy is performing at its peak, and it’s time to start thinking about what you can do to grow you and your business in preparation of 2019. Goal setting is one of the most important activities you can do in your small business, regardless of how old your business is, where you are located, how profitable it is, or what you sell....

November 14, 2018-Don’t Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle ~ Sher

Sharing With Sher Radio Show No matter how good it was or how good you want it to be, if it's no longer serving you, walk away. No one has the power to dull your sparkle, unless you let them. People have a huge impact on us. Whether it be what others say or what others do, other people's actions can influence our lives. In life and most importantly, in relationships, there are two kinds of people. There are...

October 31, 2018-You Are Your Brand ~ Sher

Sharing With Sher Radio Show Discover how to package and express your voice in a way that fits your style. Get ready to release your brand potential! Welcome to the world of branding on this week's show You Are Your Brand with host Sherri Elliott-Yeary. This week Sher will share the many facets of branding, along with tips and ways to build a stellar brand to help you take your business to the next level. I...

October 24, 2018-Appreciate Life & Live in Gratitude ~ Sher

Sharing With Sher Radio Show I love this time of year. The holiday season reminds us of the importance of family and of counting our many blessings. Whenever we tap into the power of gratitude, we feel happier and more fulfilled. Even if we're striving to reach new goals in our lives, feeling gratitude can make us all realize how rich we are at this very moment. It's easy to get caught up in the hectic pace...

October 17, 2018-Change Your Story ~ Sher

Sharing With Sher Radio Show “Change your thoughts and you change your world.” ~Norman Vincent Peale Have you ever felt like everyone else was doing better than you? Have you ever felt like the deck was so stacked against you that you would never catch up? I understand that feeling. I had it for much of my adult life. I was always a dreamer with big ideas and ridiculous plans, but I was unable to...

October 10, 2018-Live Your Best Life Now! ~ Sher

Sharing With Sher Radio Show Are you tired of just existing? Do you feel like you are only going through the motions of daily life? If so, then it is time to reclaim your power and live your best life now! Many of us, myself included, tend to allow negative experiences and beliefs from our past to limit us from living our best life now, but we can change that. On my next podcast we will learn how to...

October 3, 2018-Live Your Life on Purpose ~ Guest Jenny Dean

Sharing With Sher Radio Show Do you know what kind of life you want to live? Do you know what your purpose is? Personally, I want to mindfully choose how I spend each day, how I exert my energy, what thoughts fill my mind, what food fills my body, who I spend time with, and what environment surrounds me. I want to choose my thoughts because I know they create my feelings. I want to choose the direction I’m...