Sharing With Sher


Real Talk for Real People

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly”

Does your work feel like work? Can you say with certainty you are living a life of passion and purpose?

My answer to these questions a few years ago was “HELL NO!” l was far from feeling inspired. In fact, I was in a joyless marriage, and I felt empty and depleted on the inside. Everyone around me thought I “had it all,” but I was barely holding on.

I knew a better way of living was waiting for me.

Does any of this sound familiar? If so, join me each week as I share what’s on my mind and answer your questions through laughter, tears, and inspirational stories.

Together we will travel the sticky path of truth-telling, authenticity, and having the courage to choose LOVE over FEAR.  In these messy, heart-centered conversations, we will dig into the turmoil, frustrations, and potholes of relationships, career struggles, as we head out on the journey to find true passion and purpose.

Sharing with Sher is a podcast for real people who are ready to choose to live a happier life and need honest answers to some of life’s toughest questions!


August 15, 2018-Powerfully Engaged ~ Guest Dr. Alise Cortez

Sharing With Sher Radio Show Do you desire to be powerfully engaged at work or your personal life? Or do you want to feel more motivation when you wake up each morning? If you said yes, this show is for you. Dr. Alise Cortez and I will be discussing how to be Powerfully Engaged. Alise will share proven techniques and strategies based on her extensive research that will help connect you with your true calling. Dr....

August 8, 2018-Strategies to Boost Your Sales ~ Guest Debbie Mrazek

Sharing With Sher Radio Show Do you want to learn strategies to boost sales today? You are in for a treat, Debbie Mrazek, president of the Sales Company, a Texas based firm where she educates entrepreneurs, corporations and individuals better engage in practical and purposeful selling. Debbie Mrazek is president of The Sales Company, a Texas-based firm that is helping hundreds of entrepreneurs, individuals, and...

August 1, 2018-The Fire of Life – Plugging into More Joy, Purpose & Passion

Sharing With Sher Radio Show Every person has a fire within their heart that can be used toward constructive or destructive ends. Join Sher and Tina as they talk about accessing the heart's creative fire and discover ways you can immediately set your heart on a path with more joy, purpose and passion. Tina R. Ferguson, Ph.D. creates books and programs for people who know life can be MORE–more fulfilling, more...

July 25, 2018-Bridge the Generational Gap ~ Sher Lynn

Sharing With Sher Radio Show Would you like to like to understand how to bridge the generational gap and how to lead a generationally diverse team with ease? Or do you want to understand how to communicate with your millennial employees? Come join Sher as she discusses more how to bridge the generational gap.  In our fast paced, high tech, low touch world, the art of effective communication is becoming...

July 18, 2018-What Mask Are You Wearing? ~ Sher Lynn

Sharing With Sher Radio Show What mask are you living behind? There is something about wearing a mask that changes you. The anonymity you feel behind a mask can give you a certain sense of freedom. Anonymity allows you to express the hidden aspects of your personality without fear. What if you could truly be YOU without having to live behind any mask? The universe is looking at you and treating you the way you...

July 11, 2018-Let Go Or Be Dragged~ Sher

Sharing With Sher Radio Show Let Go or Be Dragged is a Zen Proverb that usually means you are holding on to something that is moving too fast for you or it no longer serves you. What are you holding onto to so tightly that is causing you pain? Imagine you are riding a skateboard and holding on to a car that is heading up the ramp for the expressway. Perhaps you’re holding on to keep up with the car’s...

July 4, 2018-Sharing With Sher, An Intimate Introduction by Rhonda Burns

Sharing With Sher Radio Show Inspired Choices Network is proud to present and introduce to you, Sherri Elliott-Yeary, aka Sher Lynn! Please join Sher and her friend and co-network host, Rhonda Burns, as they invite you into the intimate conversation to set the stage for the future of Sharing with Sher! Sharing with Sher is a radio show for real people who are ready to step up and live a happier life, and for...

June 20, 2018-22nd Century Consciousness ~ Sher Lynn

Igniting 22nd Century Consciousness Through Sharing with Sher Lynn Sherri Elliott-Yeary Offer One: Ready for a New Opportunity: Resume Review & Two Coaching Sessions ~ Value $700 Offer Two: Want to learn to be a writer: Three one-on-one coaching sessions ~ Value $900 Offer Three – Want to work from your strengths - Two one-on-one coaching sessions with Strengths Finder Assessment and copy of Strengths...