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How about meeting me weekly – or as often as you need – for an infusion of love, light, laughter, straight talk, inspiration, candid conversation and a different perspective on just about everything?!

As a life-long witness to not just the mediocrity of traditional relationships and overall lack of passion and enthusiasm for living in general, but the chronic breakdown of it all, I’ve been on a quest to get down & dirty to the root of the  issues and what drives the majority of this. What an epic journey!

In a world filled with never-ending mixed messages, confusion, conflict and daily turmoil, it’s a wonder anyone really feels like they’re getting their emotional, spiritual, physical and sexual needs and desires fulfilled.  Welcome to the party known as Rendezvous with Rhonda! You could also call it, a Rendezvous with radical & revolutionary LOVE, with a healthy dose of down & dirty for good measure.



July 1, 2020-Nurturing Phenomenally Empowered Kids & Families, Ch. 1 ~ Rhonda Burns

Rendezvous With Rhonda  Nurturing phenomenally empowered kids and families is something very near and dear to my heart. I hold a very different perspective on parenting and families. We've all come from some parental and familial unit; yet many struggle with great amounts of baggage about parenting, family, culture, traditions, and so much more.  I'm taking the month of July to focus on kids and family, and how...

June 24, 2020-There’s Only Ever MORE ~ Rhonda Burns

Rendezvous With Rhonda  When you hear that "there's only ever more", what's your response? Do you light up or shrink down? Is it clear to you or still just words with no place to land their meaning? I love that when Universal truths take root in my understanding, like "there's only ever MORE" in the universe, I bask in the concepts relentlessly.  This particular truth is one that  I really look forward to...

June 17, 2020-The World as I See It ~ Rhonda Burns

Rendezvous With Rhonda  The world as I see it has a very different hue, tint and flavor than many. We all have different views - thank goodness. On the heels of last week's conversation about love, I want to continue to pull back the curtain and let you see life, love and the world view through my eyes; as well as through my heart and expressed through the words of my soul source.  I'd love to meet you here this...

June 10, 2020-Is Love REALLY Enough? ~ Rhonda Burns

Rendezvous With Rhonda  A question that's been brewing in my awareness a great deal as of late: Is love REALLY enough?  There are endless facets, nuances and avenues to this exploration about love being "enough". The subject, topic and the word Love has a lot woven into it when we put it through the filters of our human conditioned thinking. This conversation wants to be revealed and undressed slowly and...

May 6, 2020-Rebel in Play ~ Rhonda Burns

Rendezvous With Rhonda Radio Show Rebel in play... Enough of the malaise and the heaviness - I just want to play! That's what I told my friend as I turned two middle fingers toward the sky. So here I am! I have always been a rebel on the inside, but too often, I keep it cloaked to keep people comfortable. F-that; this playing along with the current conditions is bogus! So, join me as I choose to be a rebel in...

April 29, 2020-The Gifts in the Midst of Pandemics & Pain ~ Rhonda Burns

Rendezvous With Rhonda Radio Show Gifts in the midst of pandemic and pain is this weeks focus. What's your point of view or focus during these transitional times? Are you focused on the pandemonium and upheaval? Or are you focused on, perhaps, the gifts that this time and space is offering? Join me as I share where I function from in my life and how you too, if you like, can start to look for and receive the...

April 22, 2020-The Courage to Choose Beyond the Norm(s)~ Rhonda Burns

Rendezvous With Rhonda Radio Show Courage to choose beyond the norm(s) is this week's point of focus. I'd love for you to meet me here and let's play with courage; choosing beyond what the norms are, or seem to be, and let's see what we can create. Courage isn't just something to talk about; it's imperative we act upon when we're inspired to - from the appropriate source. ~ More About...

April 8, 2020-Focusing on ‘Me’ Facilitates Healing the ‘We’ ~ Guest Ana Hernando, NBCOT

Rendezvous With Rhonda Radio Show How can focusing on 'me' facilitate healing the 'we'?  The majority of us have been taught that the needs of others take precedent over our own. Yet this suppression of our individual needs weakens our immunity - mind, body and spirit. Join Rhonda and her special guest, Ana Hernando, as they discuss focusing on your own needs which facilitates the general healing of...

March 28, 2020-TV – Tools for Navigating Trying Times ~ Rhonda Burns

Rendezvous With Rhonda Radio Show It's a wee bit scary in the world for many right now. So how about some wisdom, encouragement and tools for trying times? Because we are all in this together, how about some more support and assistance in having more ease? Join me this week as I speak to the pulse of the world's events right now and offer some tools to help. ~ More About Rendezvous With...

March 25, 2020-Let’s Everyone, Chill the Heck Out ~ Rhonda Burns

Rendezvous With Rhonda Radio Show My .02 is that everyone needs to just chill the heck out. Take a beat. Breathe. Slow down. Stop completely in some cases. It's time to DO things different now. And chill is the place we need to start. Come join me as I do a little re-framing with you, help you focus in ways you may not have considered and help us all relax into a different way of being. ~...