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Receiving Rachael! Receiving You!! Is it about time to get out of the judgement of you and step into gratitude for you? Do you judge you as never good enough no matter what you do? Are you just never enough!

Rachael O’Brien


February 25, 2015-In a World Where You Can be Anything, BE YOURSELF

In this world, we are always told what we should look like, what we should weigh, what we should be, who would should be like, what degree we should have! Its like we duplicate everything. What if everything is the opposite of what it appears to be? Have you ever considered that there is only one you, one lifetime in this body!  What if you didn’t have to compare yourself to anyone else ever again? What if you...

February 18, 2015-What if you are not your Awareness? with Rachael O’Brien

Most of us don’t realise how aware we are, we become aware of a feeling, thought, idea or emotion and straight away we think it is ours! We forget to ask who does this belong to?  Is this mine of someone else’s? Lately my awareness has expanded so much, and I forget that I am not my awareness. If its not light and joyous its not you! I totally forget this line! What would it take for you to know how aware you...

February 11, 2015-Don’t Give Up; The Miracle is Just Around the Bend

Sometimes we don’t get the change we are looking for fast enough, and it feels like nothing is changing! What if in this place your old life that was unease is starting to fall apart?  And this space is the space that allows the universe to gift you what you asked for! Well are you willing to wait! Imagine leaving or giving up just before the Universe can show you that there is magic and another way to live! And...

February 4, 2015-Conscious Living With Tom Galligan

This week my beautiful friend Tom Galligan and I are going to talk about living with awareness and being the the elements of intimacy in your life.  Tom and I met at my first Access class nearly 3 years ago.  We both have been through massive change since coming to Access.  In fact we are completely different people now to what we were when we first met. Tom’s partner Lisa recently passed away and to me he is...

January 28, 2015-Presence In The Question With Rachael O’Brien

This weeks show is about being present as we ask a question! Recently I have seen a lot of people drive themselves crazy with questions ( I also did this) lol.  In this loop there is no presence with the body or the question! I remember one time running processes at infinitum and not really being present with the question!  So this week lets take a look at the difference when we are present with our body and with...

January 21, 2015-Creating the future you never thought possible

This week I am in a space of being aware that every choice I make is creating my future. Its so funny, I know the energy of joy, ease and magical living, so now when I’m choosing I ask is the energy of my phenomenal life, piece of crap life or mediocre life, or me just dying. I am really in the tool of if I choose this what will my life look like in 5, 10, 15 yrs? I don’t always choose what’s light and...

January 14, 2015-Fear or Possibility? You Choose! With Rachael O’Brien

Are you aware that Every Choice you make Creates Your Future!! If you choose fear, then the choice of what is possible beyond that fear, is not available to you! And guess what you create more of what you choose! So what we are doing is what we are choosing! Mmm who knew?   In Access we talk about Fear being a Distractor! In other words it distracts you from YOU, BEING YOU! What if fear is just a trick to stop...

January 7, 2015-Beyond Surviving ~ Rachael O’Brien

Welcome to 2015! This week as we head into the new year, I am looking at all the ways where we settle for surviving! Are you done with just surviving? Would you like to thrive? Thrive with your amazing body, thrive in your finances and thrive in your relationships and business? We have been gifted a life by this amazing universe, have you ever asked yourself would the universe like you to survive or thrive? What...

December 31, 2014-Magical Possibilities! Receiving Rachael

Are you open to receiving the magic of the universe? What if the universe is a banquet and how you ask the question is the key to opening the lock to everything you have ever dreamed of? What if you are the key? The biggest and greatest unkindness to you is not giving yourself permission to ask! The trump card of you being wrong is everyone else can do it but you!! Are you now ready to ask for you? And go beyond...

December 17, 2014-Doubt The Distractor! With Rachael O’Brien

This week I am going to talk about doubt and how it can stop you from creating your phenomenal life, your living and your creations!  Doubt is the biggest block in the way of you committing to you and your happiness. What if doubt is a complete and utter lie that you have been buying as true! Are you willing to go beyond the limitation of doubt and commit to you no matter what? Even if it takes the rest of your...
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