Orgasmic Embodiment with Sayler


Orgasmic Embodiment is being connected with your body, the sensation of being turned-on, and not having to do anything but enjoy it! (Unless you desire to!)

Orgasmic Embodiment with Sayler is about living orgasmicly, and orgasm being continuous.

How do you achieve continuous orgasm?  LOL…it’s not what you think.

Join Sayler Shiningstar for a dive into what’s keeping us from living life orgasmicly, with inspiring conversations and tools to befriend your body for the orgasmic embodiment that is truly your birthright.



September 21, 2020-Are You Addicted To The Havoc In The World?

Orgasmic Embodiment With Sayler  Almost everywhere I turn folks are talking about the crises and havoc being created on the planet. It's almost as if they can't quite get enough of it. Are creating crises and havoc an addiction? What is it doing to and with your body? Are you being distracted from what you are here to do and create? What else are you addicted to that's taking you out of being you and contracting...

September 14, 2020-Horses, Nature And Orgasmic You ~ Sayler Shiningstar

Orgasmic Embodiment With Sayler  How often do you hear your friends talk about their discontent with their work, their money, their relationships and their sex life? Are you in the same boat? Is your body asking for something different? When is the last time you took you for quality time in nature, with a horse or any animal? What does your body know about the benefits of being with horses and nature, and an...

September 7, 2020-Entities And Orgasms – Which Are You Embodying?

Orgasmic Embodiment With Sayler  So you've heard about orgasmic embodiment, obviously, you're here. Well, have you heard about embodying entities? Or how entities can affect your body and how enlivened, turned on, and orgasmic you are? Yes, entities, like ghosts, deceased family members and pets, along with other unseen beings. Don't really know that you buy into this. Are you curious? If you're curious or dying...

August 24, 2020-I Like A Big But And I Cannot Lie!

Orgasmic Embodiment With Sayler  Have you heard the saying, everything before "but" is a lie? How many times a day do you hear "but"? Is it only from others or are you saying it, too? I still catch myself in the "but" lie. Do you? Most of us do if we're honest with ourselves. There is an energy that comes with big "buts". And, what if there are some simple tools to know when someone is lying, and more importantly...

August 17, 2020-Did The Daily Grind Devour Your Happy?

Orgasmic Embodiment With Sayler  How many people do you hear talking about the daily grind and how bad life is now? The news has nothing good to say. And you can find books and articles galore on the newest pill, the newest therapy or the newest gadget, to fix your unhappiness. Have you ever wondered what happened, where your happiness went? Is the daily grind just too much for you? Join Sayler and her body, as...

August 10, 2020-Food Orgasms! Had Any Lately?

Orgasmic Embodiment With Sayler  What are food orgasms? Well, you've heard about food being mouth-watering and/or orgasmic? Do you wonder what foods will turn you on and light you up? What about how much or how little to eat? What does your body know about the juiciness of orgasmic foods and more? Join Sayler and her body, and learn more. ~ More About Orgasmic Embodiment With Sayler ~  Sayler Shiningstar is an...

August 3, 2020-Orgasmic Living Or Death ~ What Are You Creating?

Orgasmic Embodiment With Sayler  Do you hear more people talking about orgasmic living and happy bodies or do you hear more conversations about how awful life is and fear of death? What is being created unknowingly? And, yes, even if you've been a life long spiritual seeker, you may still be choosing death over orgasmic living. What would your body choose? Join Sayler Shiningstar, and her body, for a disturbing...

July 27, 2020-Are You Receiving From Your Body?

Orgasmic Embodiment With Sayler  Have you heard of this new craze of receiving from your body? What are you willing to receive from your body? What gifts, magic, and miracles would you be if you were co-creating with your body rather than against? Join my body and me for a lively chat about receiving from bodies. ~ More About Orgasmic Embodiment With Sayler ~  Sayler Shiningstar is an energy whisperer and...

July 20, 2020-Darkness Vs. Lightness … It’s Not What You Think It Is

Orgasmic Embodiment With Sayler  There are so many thoughts and beliefs around what is darkness and what is lightness, and that they are opposing. What if our dark side, or shadow, is not evil but our friend? Yep, I said friend! Will you join me for an expansive conversation and explore your darkness?   ~ More About Orgasmic Embodiment With Sayler ~  Sayler Shiningstar is an energy whisperer and sexual...

July 13, 2020-Conscious Shamanism & Journeying ~ What Does Your Body Know?

Orgasmic Embodiment With Sayler  What are Conscious Shamanism and Shamanic Journeying? Why do people journey? Have you participated in a Shamanic Journey? If so, how was it for you and your body? Are you ready for another? Do you have a Phantastical Creature you journey with? What do Orgasmic Embodiment and Conscious Shamanism have in common? Bodies, what do you know?   ~ More About Orgasmic Embodiment With...