Magic in Motion ~ with Cara Wright

Have you always known that something else is possible here? Have you ever created something amazing in your life as if by magic? What if you could create with that knowing every moment of your life? Are you ready to expand your awareness of the realms of magical possibility that you be?

Cara Wright


October 14, 2015-Twin Magic with Lauren Marie

Magic in Motion with Cara Wright Radio Show I am so excited for this week!! We will be playing with some BIG doses of magic on the show this week!  Amazing twins who joined us here on this planet a very short time ago will be joining us (along with their magical momma) Since they "landed" here they have been magnificent creators of ALL THINGS wonderous and possbile! These twins came in knowing they were...

September 30, 2015-“Unwired” Guest Diva Diaz

Magic in Motion with Cara Wright Radio Show Magic in Motion welcomes world renown Access Certified Facilitator Diva Diaz to the show as a monthly contributor! Do you sometimes feel like you're weird, you don't quite fit in or that your mind seems to work in a different way? In this debut show we will look at what it means to be weird and unwired in a world where being normal is so valuable... or is it? Cara...

September 23, 2015-“Upping Your Mojo with Energy Flows” ~ Guest Dr. Andrew Gardella

Magic in Motion with Cara Wright Radio Show Becoming aware of energy flows can assist you in creating anything you desire in life. Using energy flows is how you start to control everything that occurs in your life. Desire to create a connection? Use energies flows... It's much easier than talking. Ready to play? Join Cara Wright & Dr. Andrew Gardella as they play with the energy flows on this weeks...

September 16, 2015-“Earth Energies on the GO..” with Sadie Lake

Magic in Motion with Cara Wright Radio Show What do you know about essential oils? Have you ever played with them? Have you ever been drawn in by them? Wonder what that is all about? What if we told you that essential oils carry the sprit of the plant that the oil was created with and even the energies of the planet? Would that be too far out there for you? What if it wasn’t? What else could you receive...

September 9, 2015-“Raising Littles beyond Labels” with special guest Heather Click

Magic in Motion with Cara Wright Radio Show I am so excited to be welcoming my sister Heather Click to Magic in Motion today! I asked her to come on my show and talk about the totally different way she raises her girls. Both would be considered different by this realities standards and the ease at which my sister empowers them to be their difference is quite frankly inspiring. Do you have littles who are...

August 19, 2015-Unearthing the Magic with Guest Dr. Andrew

Magic in Motion with Cara Wright Radio Show Andrew is back!!! What are you truly capable of? Are you being everything that is possible for you right now? Or are you covering it up, burying everything possible for you so no one including you can find them? Would you like to change that? Come play :) Dr. Andrew graduated from Case Western Reserve University Magna Cum Lade with degrees in Biology, Psychology,...

August 5, 2015-The Stuff You Are Made Of

Magic in Motion with Cara Wright Radio Show What if you never judged you for nothing or no one? What if what you are made of is possibility and creative, exuberant energies and every time you buy someone else judgment of you or even judge yourself, you cover and finish all those energies? Is now the time to reveal what you are made of and explode into what you know is possible here? What does it take to be the...

July 29, 2015-Creating BEYOND this Reality in Pregnancy and Birth Part 2 with Guest Dr. Glenna Rice

Magic in Motion with Cara Wright Radio Show I am so excited to be welcoming Dr. Glenna Rice MD onto my show this week! She is a Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, an 3 Day Body Process Facilitator, and PHD. She has an immense wealth of awareness and knowledge of bodies and also of YES... Pregnancy and birth!  I have had the pleasure of having many conversations with Glenna over the last three years...

July 22, 2015-X-men as Benevolent Leaders: A Different Vision – Guest Diva Diaz

Magic in Motion with Cara Wright Radio Show The X-Men are Benevolent Leaders; they see the world through a lens of infinite possibilities and are willing to create those possibilities from choice, question and contribution. A leader will go where they are going regardless of whether anyone follows or not, and a benevolent leader will do this in a way that honours everyone and themselves. They do not function...

July 15, 2015-Who Are You With the Face Others Project at You?

Magic in Motion with Cara Wright Radio Show If you were truly being you? Who would you be? Who would you choose to be? Where do you live your life from projections expectations rejections judgments and separations from others and yourself? What faces do you wear so you fit in to your life , living and family relationships? Do you want to know more ? Then tune in to Magic in Motion with Cara Wright CF with...
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