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Have you been hiding from life? Do you wonder if it is possible to have more than what you currently have in your life? 

Jeneen Yungwirth




June 19, 2018-22nd Century Consciousness ~ Jeneen Yungwirth

Igniting 22nd Century Consciousness Through Just Show Up! With Jeneen Jeneen Yungwirth http://www.jeneen.ca/ For the first time ever Jeneen will be offering: Master Class on Creating Your Life - How to change what isn’t working for you in your life! Based on her soon to be released book ~ Value $247.00 In this class you will learn how to be the master of your life and how to change what isn’t working for...

September 26, 2016-All Good Things Come To An End! ~ Jeneen Yungwirth

Finale Just Show Up with Jeneen! Yes it is my final show as I choose other things! However I am still dedicated to you and will find new ways of Showing Up for all of you! In this last show I will be speaking to many topics and following the energy even more! I wonder what will show up? I know there will be an energy of inviting more of your infinite being to come out! How much fun can we have? I adore all of you!...

September 19, 2016-The Energies of the Solar System – Guest Monica Kenton

I have invited Monica to show up with me and have conversation around being a Shaman and her journey. We may also touch on this past full moon and the energy of it all and how it affects us. Monica Kenton is a spiritual mentor, shaman, author, speaker, and entrepreneur .  She helps socially conscious spiritual innovators create both a life and business they love while making a positive difference to the...

September 12, 2016-Infinite Healing ~ Jeneen Yungwirth

As an infinite being what do you know about healing your body that you haven’t yet acknowledged? We are going to use the power of the energy around us and the magic within you to heal what ever dis-ease you are experiencing. Join me and let’s see what our infinite selves have to show us and uncover about the lies of this reality around healing and your potency to do so! Have you been hiding from life? Do you...

September 5, 2016-Connecting to your Infinite Self ~ Jeneen Yungwirth

What is your infinite self?  Why is it that we keep trying to achieve some level of consciousness or enlightenment?  Do you keep trying to learn and study so you can have knowledge and wisdom?  Taking classes like crazy to gain more experience?  Why is it that we all keep buying that we are messed up?  Would an infinite being be messed up?   Or are we functioning from a place that keeps us in that space of...

August 29, 2016-Changing Energy -­ More peace in your space! ~ Jeneen Yungwirth

Are you aware of energy in your space?  Have you ever gone some where and felt weird or eerie?  What about when you go to other people’s homes or spaces?  Energy is all around us, what most people don’t acknowledge is how much they are aware of.  Let’s play with what you know and what else is possible for bringing more ease and peace in your home or any space you occupy.  You are in charge so what can you...

August 22, 2016-Essence of You -­ Do you acknowledge it? ~ Jeneen Yungwirth

Who are you?  What is your essence?  What if acknowledging you the being created more of you showing up in your life?  Do you allow yourself to evolve or are you holding for others?  Break free from being held back allow yourself to evolve and unleash the essence of you!  I wonder what else is possible for you that you have not yet considered?  If you are willing to have more of you show up join me on this...

August 15, 2016-Ghosts In Your Closet ~ Jeneen Yungwirth

What awareness are you hiding?  Where are you hiding you?  What are you  aware of that you are hiding, that if you would acknowledge it could set you free? This is a topic that jumped out at me and I wonder what it is wanting to contribute to you?  When I show up, we shall see what energy comes out of your closet!  Let’s play and see what can change in your world! Have you been hiding from life? Do you...

August 8, 2016-Self Acceptance: Your Greatest Gift ~ Jeneen Yungwirth

What if your self judgements are killing you?  Killing your creations, killing your relationships and wrecking your life?  What do you know about you and what works for you that you are killing simply because you are aware of the judgements of others?  Could all of this self judgment actually be awareness of other people’s judgements of themselves and of you?  A discussion on judgement where is comes from and...

August 1, 2016-Health Care or Sick Care?~ Jeneen Yungwirth

I may be venting on this show!  What I know is possible in health care and what is reality are two different things!  What are you aware of?  Are you willing to be aware of different possibilities with care of your body?    How many people are giving up awareness with their body so someone else can tell them what to do and when to do it?  Interesting topic, I wonder what awarenesses will Show up? Have you...
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