Joy, Vulnerability, Pizza – with Junaline


What if life is like a mélange, a pizza with slices that make up a whole, at times yummy, at times not so, and somewhere in between? Would you be willing to acknowledge what is joyful in your life and to see the beauty in the mundane? To enjoy the sauce, the crust, the cheese and the extra topping?

In this weekly radio show, Junaline will invite you to explore topics that bring joy, and inspiration, that move, empower and be kindness, acknowledge your foibles and follies as humans, in short, what it means to be YOU.

From topics ranging from human relationships, creativity, consciousness and expat life to spirituality, self-development and the seemingly disconnected topic of pizza (and wine, please), join Junaline on the weekly “Joy, Vulnerability, Pizza” radio show with a dash of light, rawness and sense of humour on what is real, true and YOU.

Along with other inspiring real-life heroes and she-roes, and agents of change, you are invited to listen to snippets of life stories, explore choices and possibilities, ask questions, and receive inspiration from everyone and everything.


November 11, 2019-The Fun Of Dual-Cultural Identity ~ Guest Maira Hernández

Joy, Vulnerability, Pizza with Junaline Radio Show Culture, Identity and Adventures in Mexico! After spending 5 months in Mexico in her very own Eat, Pray, Love adventure with a Mexican twist, author Maira Hernández discusses how this journey of self-discovery and adventure changed her life. Join Junaline and her fabulous guest in this episode of JVP in discussing what it means to have a dual-cultural identity and...

November 4, 2019-Living In Revolution ~ Junaline Bañez-Moussi

Joy, Vulnerability, Pizza with Junaline Radio Show What is revolution? What does living in revolution mean? Chaos as source of possibilities? In these days and times, revolution can mean different , and a lot of things, to others. Does revolution always mean uprising? Or does it also mean a peaceful movement? Is it internal, external or both? This very word indeed has a lot of nuances. Lately, Junaline has been...

October 28, 2019-The Power of Being And Doing Nothing ~ Junaline Bañez-Moussi

Joy, Vulnerability, Pizza with Junaline Radio Show Say what? Being and doing nothing? How can that be of power? Aren’t we supposed to be something AND do something in order to prove our power, to prove that we exist and that we matter? In this reality, aren’t we supposed to be dong the ‘ BE and DO’ thing? In this episode, Junaline will invite you to ponder on the meaning of life -just kidding! Actually, you...

October 14, 2019-Who or What Is Stopping You? ~ Junaline Bañez-Moussi

Joy, Vulnerability, Pizza with Junaline Radio Show Do you feel blocked or unable to move forward? Do you feel there’s some kind of barriers to step up and show up in your life? Or a limitation or two that you can’t overcome? Who or what is stopping you? In this JVP episode, Junaline will talk about what could be limiting us, the distractions that keep you from being all that you can truly be, and she’ll also...

October 7, 2019-Gaslighting: A Powerful Emotional Abuse ~ Junaline Bañez-Moussi

Joy, Vulnerability, Pizza with Junaline Radio Show Do you know what gaslighting is? It’s a manipulative tactic where a person, in order to have more power and control, makes a victim question and doubt their reality. Inspired by the 1944 movie, the psychological term “Gaslighting” came to prominence - a man manipulates his wife to the poinjt where she thinks she is losing her mind. In this JVP episode,...

September 30, 2019-Are You Stuck In The Comparison Trap? ~ Junaline Bañez-Moussi

Joy, Vulnerability, Pizza with Junaline Radio Show “Are you stuck in the comparison trap? Whether it’s about something or someone else who’s better, prettier, richer, greater THAN you and you find yourself in the COMPARISON trap, you often deprive yourself of the joy of life, the power of vulnerability and the freedom of being you! In this JVP Episode, Junaline will talk about how comparison is the thief...

September 23, 2019-Judgment is Just A Point of View ~ Junaline Bañez-Moussi

Joy, Vulnerability, Pizza with Junaline Radio Show A judgment can be a negative point of view, or it can be a positive point of view. Just because it’s negative, it’s not necessarily a judgment. It can be an awareness. And there is a distinct difference. What if judgment is just a point of view, and an interesting one at that? In today’s episode of JVP, Junaline will share insights and explore the different...

September 16, 2019-Are You Being You or Being Someone Else? ~ Junaline Bañez-Moussi

Joy, Vulnerability, Pizza with Junaline Radio Show Ah.. one of the greatest question about BEING YOU. What does it really mean? Have you considered what being you really is? Or are you actually being someone else? And if choice creates, what if it’s ok to be both too? In today’s JVP episode, Junaline will explore with you the possibilities of BEING YOU without judgment of wrong or right! Junaline's Book:...

September 9, 2019-Just Show Up! ~ Junaline Bañez-Moussi

Joy, Vulnerability, Pizza with Junaline Radio Show Feel like crap? Feel like hiding? Feel like saying just F**K it? Of course you can, but ever wonder what’s on the other side if you just show up for you, your life and your relationships? And what does it mean to just show up? Let’s dive deep into this on this episode of JVP, and wonder what we can uncover if you just show up! Junaline's Book: Dating for...

August 19, 2019-Find Love Amidst Changes In The Dating Culture ~ Guest Maria Hillgardner

Joy, Vulnerability, Pizza with Junaline Radio Show So you find yourself back in the dating scene and you realize, wait, “it has been too long and I now need to learn to use new dating apps”? You realize that dating apps are convenient but doesn't offer nearly as great of an experience as an in-person meet. Everything is convenient, and happens as fast as one swipes, so how do you compete? Or should you? In...