Joy, Vulnerability, Pizza – with Junaline


What if life is like a mélange, a pizza with slices that make up a whole, at times yummy, at times not so, and somewhere in between? Would you be willing to acknowledge what is joyful in your life and to see the beauty in the mundane? To enjoy the sauce, the crust, the cheese and the extra topping?

In this weekly radio show, Junaline will invite you to explore topics that bring joy, and inspiration, that move, empower and be kindness, acknowledge your foibles and follies as humans, in short, what it means to be YOU.

From topics ranging from human relationships, creativity, consciousness and expat life to spirituality, self-development and the seemingly disconnected topic of pizza (and wine, please), join Junaline on the weekly “Joy, Vulnerability, Pizza” radio show with a dash of light, rawness and sense of humour on what is real, true and YOU.

Along with other inspiring real-life heroes and she-roes, and agents of change, you are invited to listen to snippets of life stories, explore choices and possibilities, ask questions, and receive inspiration from everyone and everything.


August 13, 2018-Choosing YOU Beyond Definition ~ Guest Virginie Aimard

Joy, Vulnerability, Pizza with Junaline Radio Show We live in this reality that choosing the box where we fit in, is the norm. While none of this is wrong (or right!), sometimes these choices are not always ours. It’s a radical thing to be choosing YOU beyond definition, to listen to yourself and to go for the things you truly love. Join Junaline & Virginie Aimard in this conversation on how choosing YOU can...

August 6, 2018-Fab, Hot and Still Single? ~ Junaline

Joy, Vulnerability, Pizza with Junaline Radio Show Do you ever find yourself asking the question, " I'm fabulous, I'm hot and all, yet why am I still single?" You've done all the work - what you think would create the relationship you'd like to have, and yet you're still single. Wonder what would change your status? Junaline was single for a very LONG time before she married the love of her life and to get there,...

July 30, 2018-What is Self-Transformation? Heart-Opening Interview with Roberto Moussi

 Joy, Vulnerability, Pizza with Junaline Radio Show Roberto Moussi is a master of self-transformation. From struggling with severe shyness and inability to be the master of his own life to becoming a successful entrepreneur and a life coach, he is the real example of what self-transformation is. His continuous quest for inner liberation is what makes him a real Master in the art of personal transformation. “True...

July 23, 2018-Everything Is An Interesting Point of and View and of YOU

Joy, Vulnerability, Pizza with Junaline Radio Show Have you ever made a decision or a conclusion that in life there is only one way (or two) to be, do or see something? How is that working for you? Have you ever wondered what would actually happen if you expand your point of view - whether it's about your relationships, your business, your life, and most importantly, YOU? Using this popular tool of Access...

July 16, 2018-Money Came, Money Saw & Money Conquered! ~ Junaline

 Joy, Vulnerability, Pizza with Junaline Radio Show Is a money a problem to you? Is having money or NOT having money an issue in your life? Ever felt like money is actually controlling you, instead of you controlling money? What if you could work with money and make it your honey? Join Junaline in this episode as she chats and explores with you all the fixed points of views you have about money and how you can...

July 9, 2018-Decluttering La Vida Loca! ~ Junaline

Joy, Vulnerability, Pizza with Junaline Radio Show Can't find what (or who) you're looking for? Are you going crazy with so much "stuff" in your life? Have you thought of decluttering your physical space? How about decluttering your mental/emotional space too? Did you know that by doing so, you just might create a space...totally different space, a space of possibilities? This is your invitation from Junaline where...

July 2, 2018-Joy, Vulnerability, Pizza with Junaline, – an Interview by Christine McIver

Joy, Vulnerability, Pizza with Junaline Radio Show Joy, Vulnerability, Pizza? What does it all mean? And a show about joy, vulnerability… and what? Did you say a pizza about joy? Or is it new pizza flavor called vulnerability? Let’s find out, as we introduce our newest host diva on the block, Junaline, on the debut of her radio show, where we will get to know more about the juice on what it’s all about! ~...