Joy, Vulnerability, Pizza – with Junaline


What if life is like a mélange, a pizza with slices that make up a whole, at times yummy, at times not so, and somewhere in between? Would you be willing to acknowledge what is joyful in your life and to see the beauty in the mundane? To enjoy the sauce, the crust, the cheese and the extra topping?

In this weekly radio show, Junaline will invite you to explore topics that bring joy, and inspiration, that move, empower and be kindness, acknowledge your foibles and follies as humans, in short, what it means to be YOU.

From topics ranging from human relationships, creativity, consciousness and expat life to spirituality, self-development and the seemingly disconnected topic of pizza (and wine, please), join Junaline on the weekly “Joy, Vulnerability, Pizza” radio show with a dash of light, rawness and sense of humour on what is real, true and YOU.

Along with other inspiring real-life heroes and she-roes, and agents of change, you are invited to listen to snippets of life stories, explore choices and possibilities, ask questions, and receive inspiration from everyone and everything.


February 18, 2019-Drama Is Just A Choice ~ Junaline

Joy, Vulnerability, Pizza with Junaline Radio Show Oh the drama and trauma of life! Have you bought the lie that in life you have no choice? Going into the wrongness of you and the drama that you create based on the stories you tell yourself is what creates the currency of your choice. In this episode, Junaline will share stories, tools and some insights on what it takes to out create your own life, knowing that...

February 11, 2019-Are You Willing to Receive Everything? ~ Junaline

Joy, Vulnerability, Pizza with Junaline Radio Show It’s easy to receive the good, but it’s a challenge to receive the bad. Why is that? What have we made so valuable and real about what to receive and what not to receive? Is it possible to truly receive everything with no judgment nor point of view? Join Junaline in this JVP episode as she asks questions and explores possibilities about the willingness to...

February 4, 2019-The New Face of The Expat Woman ~ Guest Patrica Qhobela-Jenkins

Joy, Vulnerability, Pizza with Junaline Radio Show What comes to mind when you hear the term Expat Woman? In this episode we will chat about the different paths to being an expat woman, feeling that you can fit in anywhere and having a wider sense of what home is. How to and where to start building a support network and work network when you are the new Expat Woman on the block and finally, is “expat” an...

January 28, 2019-Juicy Secrets to Find Love ~ Guest Lorii Abela

  Joy, Vulnerability, Pizza with Junaline Radio Show Are you a single and looking? Discover the boo boos you make that stop you from attracting love in your life. If you don’t want to be single forever, you’ve got to listen up. Lorii Abela, CEO of, gets candid with Junaline as she shares about juicy secrets to find love. Lorii Abela is a multi-awarded international leader, author,...

January 21, 2019-Are You Addicted To Self-Judgment? ~ Junaline

Joy, Vulnerability, Pizza with Junaline Radio Show Are you addicted to self- judgment? Truth, are you addicted to self-judgment? If you answered either a slight yes or a resounding yes, this JVP episode is for you! And if you answered no, this one’s for you too! Lean in and listen as Junaline discusses this topic that plagues most of us, offering insights and possible tips and tools on how to get out of...

January 14, 2019-Revisiting The Four Agreements ~ Junaline

Joy, Vulnerability, Pizza with Junaline Radio Show Do you know the source of your limiting beliefs that rob you of joy and create needless suffering? The Four Agreements is a book by Don Miguel Ruiz that is based on ancient Toltec wisdom, that offer a powerful guide to life in order to experience new heights of freedom and happiness. In this JVP episode, Junaline will revisit (and review from her point of view)...

January 7, 2019-Are You Engaging In Your Life? ~ Guest Anna Pilotti

 Joy, Vulnerability, Pizza with Junaline Radio Show Do you ever wonder how words have an energy and What if you let that energy be the energy that you can now choose and BE in your life ? Get the energy of the word, “engaging”. Are you engaging in your life? Join us for a warm and humorous chat about what ‘Engaging in your life’ truly is and how we can indulge in this! And guess what - you don’t have...

December 31, 2018-The New Year and The New Space of Possibilities ~ Junaline

Joy, Vulnerability, Pizza with Junaline Radio Show Are you excited for the new year, new you? Do you look forward to your new year’s resolutions? What if instead of resolutions, we see them as possibilities? Which would you feel lighter for you? What if the new year holds a new space of possibilities for you, far greater than what you could imagine? Listen to this New Year’s eve edition of JVP for a different...

December 24, 2018-Unwrapping The Christmas Present That Is YOU~ Junaline

Joy, Vulnerability, Pizza with Junaline Radio Show You’ve been busy shopping for somebody’s Christmas present but have you ever thought of YOU? What if you are the best Christmas present there is? What would it take to unwrap the gift of you, being you? What better time than this holiday season to do that and acknowledge you, with this Christmas episode of JVP with Junaline. Listen and be inspired in unwrapping...

December 17, 2018-3 Steps to Design Your Dream Life ~ Junaline

 Joy, Vulnerability, Pizza with Junaline Radio Show It’s that time of the year again where we are taking stock of what we’d like to change or choose or create or even design as our dream life. Most of us would like to design our dream life, but don’t know how or where to start. What does 'design your dream life' mean anyway? Well, if you’re seeking for something that will inspire you and challenge you,...