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We live in a world of abundance and possibility, all goals or dreams are achievable! Sometimes we require some inspiration, tools, sharing of success stories, or just knowing that there is hope to motivate us to reach a goal or the next level.

Laleh Alemzadeh Hancock


May 30, 2016-A CONSCIOUS Relationship With Your Children ~ Guests Moraya & Breanna Boggan

Joy of Living with Laleh Radio Show Parents love their children and would like the best for them always.  Now, what does the best parents desire for their kids mean to children? What gets created in the relationship when kids have no choice? What if children actually know more than we give them credit for? What can we learn from them?  What can the conscious relationship look like so it can allow both the...

May 23, 2016-Purple Heart Homes – Improving Veterans’ Lives – Guests John Gallina & Dale Beatty

Joy of Living with Laleh Radio Show We invite you to join Joy of Living with Laleh and her two guests, John Gallina and Dale Beatty, two amazing U.S. Purple Heart Recipient Veterans as they share their journey in empowering Veterans of all era in living a better life. SPC Gallina and SGT Beatty were both in the North Carolina National Guard and responded to the call of duty from the President of the United...

May 16, 2016-Trusting You – What gets created from that?

Joy of Living with Laleh Radio Show Are there moments that you knew you wanted to choose something but you decided to do the opposite? What did that create? Did you ever say I wish I would have trusted myself? What if you did trust you? What does that create for you and others? Joy of Living with Laleh is a radio show offering the space to create more joy in every aspect of life. What if we could have more...

May 9, 2016-What Is Your Mount Everest?

Joy of Living with Laleh Radio Show Are there places in your life or your career that you plateau? Are there places that seem unreachable or impossible? What can be done to climb the walls and reach the goals and targets you would like to accomplish? Join Joy of Living with Laleh as she shares pragmatic tools and resources to allow you to reach the top of your...

May 2, 2016-Being A GOOD Leader- What does it look like?

Joy of Living with Laleh Radio Show Have you ever wondered how someone becomes a good leader? What skills do they have? What are they aware of? What are they willing to do that no one else is? Join Joy of Living with Laleh as she shares tools and resources for identifying the good leader in you.   ...

April 25, 2016-Hidden Messages: The Domino Effect Of Life – Guests Dawn Buckley & Casey Gilger

Joy of Living with Laleh Radio Show Do you have difficulty with certain things changing in your life? Is it your career? Your relationships with others? Is it the amount of money in your life? What if what you think is the reason things are not changing is not the real root of the problem? Join Joy of Living with Laleh and her guests, Dawn Buckley and Casey Gilger as the share tools to identify the hidden...

April 18, 2016-Being A SUCCESSFUL Kid with Guest Christine DiDomenico

Joy of Living with Laleh Radio Show Do you often feel like you are running on the treadmill of life and getting nowhere? What does it mean to have your kids be successful? With all the options available to parents and kids, how do you choose what would be best for your kids? It may be overwhelming at time, what if it could be easier? What if you could actually find what would work best for you and your...

April 11, 2016-Voice of the Next Generation ~ Guest Sheel Kundu

Joy of Living with Laleh Radio Show One expectation set on the next generation is to have them create, invent, or build products and/or services that will be considered as something that improved our society and created change across the world. This adds a level of pressure on the youth to make sure they are not making the wrong choices. Something that most other generations never had to deal with. Join...

April 4, 2016-Who or What Are You Sick Of?

Joy of Living with Laleh Radio Show How many people do you know that are sick? Or have lots of health problems? Is it what they think it is or could it be something else?  Even if you are not sick, what comes to mind when you hear this question? Join Joy of Living with Laleh as she shares tools to allow you to have more clarity with this question. ~...

March 28, 2016-7 Steps to Flawless Communication, Guest Kass Thomas

Joy of Living with Laleh Radio Show Author, Kass Thomas, has created 7 Steps to Flawless Communication.  The book shares 7 easy steps to connect you to who you really are, disconnect from defensive posture and invented scenarios and engage the universe to receive and be the contribution you can truly be. Join Joy of Living with Laleh and her guest, Kass Thomas, as they share tools to create flawless...
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