The Journey Home ~ Rena Wells

The ways of the world have been affecting the human race for eons. The societal conditionings, and the culture in which we operate filtrates and produces belief systems that takes the essence of the soul out of it’s natural operation and into the everlasting battle between the mind vs. the heart.

How exhausted are you trying to sort your way through life by operating in this fashion?

Highly tapped in gifted energy reader, Rena Wells will guide you deep into the seat of your soul, challenging belief systems that have kept you playing small in your life.

If you are ready to end the dualistic frustrating, stagnant energy in your life, then make sure to tune in as Rena takes you into the depths of the subconscious.




June 4, 2018-Focus Focus Hocus Pocus! ~ Rena Wells

The Journey Home with Rena Wells Radio Show We seem to have an idea of what it means to focus, but do you know how your soul focuses? If you are to become a deliberate creator being able to focus properly will activate the law of attraction. To focus and recognize the emotions that arise as you focus is what the law of attraction will bring back to you. How are you focusing? Are you using the law of attraction to...

May 28, 2018-The Earth is Fine ~ Rena Wells

The Journey Home with Rena Wells Radio Show Environmental issues, and the state of our planet is a concern we all share, and yet we fail to see how we are the ones creating this current state. What if you were told that the Earth is in perfect condition? The environmental issues are simply the contrast to grab your attention to creating a different experience? The environment and the Earth is fully stable and...

May 21, 2018-Coming Out Brown ~ Rena Wells

The Journey Home with Rena Wells Radio Show Racism and discrimination is such a taboo topic and because it's hard to discuss there are many misconceptions flying around. Racism includes every human on earth, and so does discrimination. It affects everyone even if you don't believe you have any connections to either, racism and discrimination are all byproducts of separation in the human race. How do we mend racism...

May 14, 2018-Cannabis is Alive! ~ Rena Wells

The Journey Home with Rena Wells Radio Show Plant life has consciousness, including the king of all of plant life Cannabis. This multipurpose plant can be eaten, made into clothing, textiles, oils, medicine, plus it can save the environment. Cannabis and spirituality have been linked for over 5000 and yet many of the ancient teachings and rituals of plant healing has been lost to present day culture. Before...

May 7, 2018-Sifting And Sorting With The Law Of Attraction ~ Rena Wells

The Journey Home with Rena Wells Radio Show When we work with the Law of Attraction we believe what we are focusing to manifest is truly our deepest desires. In our limited human consciousness, we tend to think we know what we want. How do you truly know your deepest desires if you haven’t fully stepped into your Co-Creative abilities? Join Intuitive Transformation Coach Rena Wells on the Journey Home Show as...

April 30, 2018-BDSM Heals ~ Rena Wells

The Journey Home with Rena Wells Radio Show Are you curious what BDSM is and how that can be experienced from a soul perspective? This is beyond 50 Shades of Gray, because that was just a taster. Join Intuitive Transformation Coach Rena Wells as we discuss how to heal sexual traumas through BDSM in a healthy and enlightening way. BDSM is a tool that can be used with a trusted partner to transmute some of the...

April 23, 2018-Cannabis (Marijuana) & Spirituality-Guests Tiara & Ann

The Journey Home with Rena Wells Radio Show For over 3000 years marijuana and spirituality were deeply rooted in the healing arts. Our ancestors utilized the marijuana plant not only for ointments, but to alter and shift consciousness into a relaxed mode to aid the body into a healing state. It has only been in the last 100 years that marijuana has been labelled as a dangerous drug. In order to bring the natural...

April 16, 2018-Gender & Sexuality Continuation ~ Rena Wells

The Journey Home with Rena Wells Radio Show If you are confused about your gender or sexuality then join the Journey Home Show for a more in depth understanding of what gender identity is and how you relate sexually to others. Join Intuitive Transformational Coach Rena Wells as we continue discussing LGBTQQIP2SAA from a soul’s perspective.  Tap deeper into yourself and know that your gender and your...

April 9, 2018-Lazy Is Natural ~ Rena Wells

The Journey Home with Rena Wells Radio Show If you are truly ready to be a deliberate creator and you want to manifest your dreams then join Intuitive Transformational Coach Rena Wells for this exciting show. Did you know that humans are naturally lazy? To truly manifest it’s time to get back into your natural state and that isn’t one of action. When you are ready to manifest and work with the law of...

April 2, 2018-Relationships vs Union: Do You Know The Difference? ~ Rena Wells

The Journey Home with Rena Wells Radio Show Looking for love? Lets get deep because that is the only way you are going to attract love or heal the love you are in right now. Relationships are very different than a union, and neither is right or wrong, so lets take the judgement out of that right now. Depending on where you are in your journey what are you seeking, and do you know the difference between a love...