The Journey Home ~ Rena Wells


The ways of the world have been affecting the human race for eons. The societal conditionings, and the culture in which we operate filtrates and produces belief systems that takes the essence of the soul out of it’s natural operation and into the everlasting battle between the mind vs. the heart.

How exhausted are you trying to sort your way through life by operating in this fashion?

Highly tapped in gifted energy reader, Rena Wells will guide you deep into the seat of your soul, challenging belief systems that have kept you playing small in your life.

If you are ready to end the dualistic frustrating, stagnant energy in your life, then make sure to tune in as Rena takes you into the depths of the subconscious.




April 16, 2018-Gender & Sexuality Continuation ~ Rena Wells

The Journey Home with Rena Wells Radio Show If you are confused about your gender or sexuality then join the Journey Home Show for a more in depth understanding of what gender identity is and how you relate sexually to others. Join Intuitive Transformational Coach Rena Wells as we continue discussing LGBTQQIP2SAA from a soul’s perspective.  Tap deeper into yourself and know that your gender and your...

April 9, 2018-Lazy Is Natural ~ Rena Wells

The Journey Home with Rena Wells Radio Show If you are truly ready to be a deliberate creator and you want to manifest your dreams then join Intuitive Transformational Coach Rena Wells for this exciting show. Did you know that humans are naturally lazy? To truly manifest it’s time to get back into your natural state and that isn’t one of action. When you are ready to manifest and work with the law of...

April 2, 2018-Relationships vs Union: Do You Know The Difference? ~ Rena Wells

The Journey Home with Rena Wells Radio Show Looking for love? Lets get deep because that is the only way you are going to attract love or heal the love you are in right now. Relationships are very different than a union, and neither is right or wrong, so lets take the judgement out of that right now. Depending on where you are in your journey what are you seeking, and do you know the difference between a love...

March 26, 2018-How To Find You: Bliss, Purpose, and Passion ~ Rena Wells

The Journey Home with Rena Wells Radio Show Follow your bliss? Why are you here? Do what you love!? If you are anything like most people on the planet you are still trying to figure it out. Guess what? You are not alone! Most people don't truly know what their passions are (even if it appears that they are follow it!) Your bliss is an unfolding event that happens and changes as you grow and expand. The great news...

March 19, 2018-Darkness Redirects You Into the Light ~ Rena Wells

The Journey Home with Rena Wells Radio Show What does it take to become emotionally aware that when darkness shows up in our life we don't get caught up in the spiral of pain and suffering we then have a hard time getting out. Join Transformation Coach Rena Wells as she shows you how your darkness is your greatest gift. Get tools on how to use the darkness to redirect you into your power, and become emotionally...

March 12, 2018-LGBTQ, Gender Identity and Sexuality ~ Rena Wells

 The Journey Home with Rena Wells Radio Show This show is all about bringing awareness on the soul's perspective of what it means to be in the LGBTQ community. Join us as we dive deep recognizing the energetic soul's expression in the physical world. Most of the LGBTQ community are labelled and discriminated against like most minority groups, but today we can all make a difference by tuning into the Journey Home...

March 5, 2018-Energetic Parenting ~ Rena Wells

The Journey Home with Rena Wells Radio Show There is a lot of parenting advice out there, including conscious parenting, but have you ever heard about parenting from within and utilizing your energy instead of your words to communicate? We are all connected deeply within, and through this connection you can tap into your children's energy to ease and manifest a more harmonious situation in your home. Parenting is...

February 26, 2018-Music Manifesto ~ Guest Elfy Jo

The Journey Home with Rena Wells Radio Show Everything is vibration including the sounds that surround us. We may not recognize how sound affects us on a daily basis but if you want to start manifesting with music, join the Journey Home Show with special guest Elfy Jo as she talks about how music has helped her to manifest amazing things in her life! Do you enjoy music? Is music something you enjoy rocking to in...

February 19, 2018-The Physical World isn’t What You Think It Is ~ Rena Wells

The Journey Home with Rena Wells Radio Show The Physical World isn’t What You Think It Is. When you were born you arrived fully in tact, connected to your authentic self. Over time that was lost and now we are all finding our way home. What we “think” reality is isn’t what it appears. The conditioning is so strong we dismiss our natural state like the imagination, our innocence, and our inner play. Did...

February 12, 2018-Dimensional Merging: How to Jump Timelines in Your Manifestation ~ Rena Wells

The Journey Home with Rena Wells Radio Show If you get frustration with taking action in your manifestations, and you are looking how to EASE into your creations, then this show is for you! We live in an action-oriented world. The harder we work we feel the more something will manifest. For all of those out there who are highly ambitious and action oriented, what you have created and lived conditionally in your...