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As a child did you have a sense of wonder, playfulness, curiosity and trouble making that you changed in some way to fit in? Did you wonder if something else beyond what you were taught by your parents, teachers and friends was possible?

Cathleen Connor


June 19, 2018-22nd Century Consciousness ~ Cathleen Connor

Igniting 22nd Century Consciousness Through Growing Up Conscious ~ Cathleen Connor Cathleen Connor Package Symphony of Possibilities Session ~ Value $120.00 An energetic bodywork session done either in person, by Skype or Zoom. Two Personal Coaching Sessions ~ Value $160.00 You choose in this ½ hour sessions what area of your life you would like to have more ease, joy, wellness,...

March 30, 2015-What if CHOICE was just choice? Guest Trina Rice

Growing Up Conscious with Cathleen  Radio Show What if choice was just choice?  Has anything you have ever chosen been wrong?  Or has it led you to exactly where you need to be right now?  Where are you trying to come to the right judgement before you make a choice? and  in the Live Chat Room too!!! - See...

March 16, 2015-Being the Simplicity and Beauty of YOU

Growing Up Conscious with Cathleen Radio Show Do you acknowledge and truly see the Beauty and Simplicity of being you as a gift for planet Earth and Consciousness? Are ready to uncover where you still have judgments of you? Come and join Trina Rice and Cathleen Connor on the Growing Up Conscious Radio Show to play with using the Access Consciousness tools to open up more simplicity of BEing...

March 9, 2015-Invite money, Wealth & Abundance Into Your Life

Growing Up Conscious with Cathleen Radio Show Did you know that most of us have hidden points of view about money that actually prevent it from growing in our lives? Prevents us from having more of it? Have ever looked at how you truly feel about money? Discovered your deep, dark, hidden points of view about money? Do you know what money actually is? What it means to you? No?! Yes?! Listen in to see how the...

March 2, 2015-Laughing Yourself into Consciousness

Growing Up Conscious with Cathleen Radio Show Where are you trying to be perfect, evolved, enlightened, non-attached and always on top of your game? Could you choose instead to let go of any judgment of how you and your life are supposed to look and open up to the joy of laughing at yourself? Here’s to breaking away from anyone else’s blueprint of how you need to be and choosing lightness and laughter through...

February 23, 2015-Where are You Quitting on Your Phenomenal Life?

Do you have a sense that you could step into more joy, expansion, wealth, elegance, and blissful embodiment? Where have you become part of the Quitters Circle when it comes to creating and enjoying an even more phenomenal life – not enough money, time, health, or something else? Listen in to see how the Access Consciousness tools can support you in choosing more for you and your exuberant...

February 16, 2015-No More Back Door ~ Guest Cory Michelle

Back doors are like leaky boats.  You’ll struggle to keep the water out, and barely floating.  What’s life like with no back doors, let’s find out on this show! Cory Michelle has an elegance with energy and space, her intuitive sense dives into the depth of an issue to unlock it in seemingly non related places that result in total life change.  She is playful, fun and of course, juicy! She breaks the rules...

February 9, 2015-Being Deliciously YOU! ~ Guest Sophie Robert Mihalko

Do you feel so different you are not sure people really “get you”? Do you ever feel like if you really chose to be you people would not be able to relate to you anymore? In this episode, Sophie will introduce us to tools and concepts that allow you to be you with ease no matter what the situation is. What if there was no need for conflict? What is beyond self-confidence? Sophie Robert Mihalko, Certified...

February 2, 2015-The Potency of Being an Introvert! ~ Guest Annie Gelfand

Annie has been coaching individuals and teams to make radical change since 1997 and has been in business for over 30 years. She did hercoaching certification through the Coaches Training Institute, is a Master Certified Coach accredited by the International Coach Federation, the highest credential of which there are fewer than 7% worldwide. She has a very weird and colorful background, which includes a...

January 26, 2015-Powerhouse of Consciousness – If You Could Change Anything, What Would you Choose?

My guest Bill Loudon is a Master at working with Bodies and Energy to Create Change. He has supported people with weight loss, reverse aging with acupuncture, clearing entities that create unconsciousness, and much more! I’ll be asking questions about how he creates this change and we’ll see how much we can play with these topics on the show. Bill is a Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator, Access Body...
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