Everyday Joy with Candace Mau

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At our core, our most basic essence, there is Joy. A place people know very well but may not feel confident in finding often.
We notice when other people have true joy, are lit up, catch ourselves smiling when we’re around them, but don’t know how to do what they do. Consciously or unconsciously we are always seeking that space.
What if it’s easier to find than you think? There are tools, questions, and fun just waiting for you everyday!
Candace Mau will enthusiastically wonder, share stories and light up your day. Giving you tools to navigate to Joy more effortlessly. Helping you see and walk the path for yourself.


August 19, 2019-The Joy of Yoga Retreats ~ Guest Tina Stoy

Everyday Joy with Candace Mau Radio Show It often takes getting away to gain perspective and retreats are a welcome respite. Fortunately guest Tina Stoy is sharing her wisdom and journey at her upcoming retreat in Boulder. Good news: you're invited too! We'll be exploring why retreats are so successful and our own experiences at classes and retreats. The trepidation, the success and why we continue to attend and...

August 12, 2019-Beautiful Boudoir & Empowering Women ~ Guest Nicole Hurst

Everyday Joy with Candace Mau Radio Show Boudoir empowers women to see their own beauty in a whole new way. Our guest Nicole Hurst tells her story of seeing women explore that side of themselves and walk away with greater understanding and awareness of their power. This is a true gift, one that she embodies and explores through photography. That beauty is impossible to deny and a conversation that just might...

August 5, 2019-Searching for Joy in Loss ~ Guest Lark Galley

Everyday Joy with Candace Mau Radio Show This conversation centers on the vulnerability of speaking out after the unimaginable happens. Lark Galley lost a child recently and is choosing to help others. She is using her tools and everything she teaches her clients to help find her footing after suffering a terrible loss. Lark Galley is an enthusiastic believer in the power of goals! She has spoken at several...

July 29, 2019-A Tall Answer in a Tiny House ~ Guest Claire Safeer

Everyday Joy with Candace Mau Radio Show Claire may be one of the sweetest souls on the planet. The paradox of her life is not lost on her and may be her main ingredient. Claire's history and deliberate choices make this gal one amazing human. She is not scared to solve impossible problems while leveraging a good life. She still finds time to travel, see the world, have fun, cook, create and spend time with those...

July 22, 2019-The Joy of BIRTHDAYS! My favorite thing ~ Candace Mau

Everyday Joy with Candace Mau Radio Show Birthday's are worth celebrating and mine happens to be today! My favorite day of the whole year. I may even celebrate the entire month. Join me as I continue that on the show! Perhaps an exploration of why we celebrate and what joy is wrapped up in the day of our birth. Add in some magic, creation, a bit of sparkle, a cake and a wish, there you have it: the perfect gift....

July 15, 2019-A Creative Approach to Joy ~ Guest Lydia Gravis

Everyday Joy with Candace Mau Radio Show The creative approach we take to our lives and the world expresses differently for each individual. Lydia Gravis has been a source of inspiration for Candace Mau for many years. Decidedly pursuing the creative path early on and bravely choosing to create, it's hard not to be in awe of the life she's curated. No wonder she curates such incredible shows in the gallery and is...

July 8, 2019-Joyfully Exploring the Many Paths in Life ~ Guest Derna DeMaggio

Everyday Joy with Candace Mau Radio Show The phrase 'wearing many hats' come to mind when describing this week's guest. Derna DeMaggio's life has been one of vastly different paths and we're excited to explore such a dynamic individuals choice to have such an adventurous life. What motivates people to have multiple chapters? What leads one to move across the country? Try something totally new? This discussion will...

July 1, 2019-The Joy of the Beginning and End, a Discussion ~ Guest Dr. Nathan Riley

Everyday Joy with Candace Mau Radio Show Nathan and Candace met on the outskirts of the playa in 2018. Nathan's natural curiosity and caring nature was obvious immediately. Their discussion centers on how joy is derived in the beginning and end of many things. Specifically Dr. Riley's medical profession. The paradox is not lost on them and this chat is worth listening to. Nathan Riley MD: Obstetrics &...

June 24, 2019-The Joy of Helping People into a Home ~ Guest Steve Butterweck

Everyday Joy with Candace Mau Radio Show A conversation between a Real Estate Agent and a Lender that proves that loving what you do translates to an entire life. Steve Butterweck and Candace Mau work together in the Real Estate world daily. They discuss the joy in helping people find their home. Steve Butterweck's goal is to help you succeed at one of the most important decisions you can make in your life....

June 17, 2019-The Joy of Fatherhood ~ Guest Casey Mau

Everyday Joy with Candace Mau Radio Show A lovely conversation centering on fatherhood. The good, the challenging, the humor and the glue of family. The guest Casey Mau is also the brother of the host Candace Mau. The sibling banter only adds to the dynamic conversation following paternal connection. Casey Mau is a computer programer, father of three, motorcycle lover, husband to Lori, Portuguese speaker and...