Cosmic Transmission With Tihoco


What is your purpose here on earth and how can you step into your higher self permanently to integrate with the infinite cosmos?

Cosmic Transmission is here to educate us about collective consciousness and the new golden age. We are now embarking on a journey back to ourselves. This is restructuring and recalibration of the old systems and frameworks of life as we currently know it.

Being more sensitive now and more in tune with the infinite, we know we have access to our god frequency, and we are being asked to redefine energy on these terms. Tia’s work has become that of a watchtower, a cosmic bridge from the physical to the divine and it is her mission to share the essence of this galactic energy.

We are each our own ecosystem of abundance, of knowledge, and wealth. When you dig deeper into the Multidimensional nature of who you are, what do you see?



November 8, 2019-Cosmic Manifesting & Multidimensional Creation Mechanics ~ Tihoco

Cosmic Transmission with Tihoco Radio Show What is Multidimensionality? How does it relate to our ability to co-create with god? In this episode I am going to share practical tips on how to expand your perspective of manifesting and creation in a way that is unique to YOU. Together we look at what qualities are most important to consider and what can we do TODAY to use this knowledge to change our...

November 1, 2019-Multidimensional Abundance and The New Money Codes

Cosmic Transmission with Tihoco Radio Show Welcome to the Cosmic Transmission. Have you ever heard the term abundance thrown around with hugs and smiles but couldn't connect to how you experience it in your life? Pure Abundance is more than just a spiritual buzzword. The New Money Codes are here and they are asking for deeper definitions of the terms we use to connect with source creation terminology. Want to know...