Cosmic Transmission With Tihoco

What is your purpose here on earth and how can you step into your higher self permanently to integrate with the infinite cosmos?

Cosmic Transmission is here to educate us about collective consciousness and the new golden age. We are now embarking on a journey back to ourselves. This is restructuring and recalibration of the old systems and frameworks of life as we currently know it.

Being more sensitive now and more in tune with the infinite, we know we have access to our god frequency, and we are being asked to redefine energy on these terms. Tia’s work has become that of a watchtower, a cosmic bridge from the physical to the divine and it is her mission to share the essence of this galactic energy.

We are each our own ecosystem of abundance, of knowledge, and wealth. When you dig deeper into the Multidimensional nature of who you are, what do you see?



February 28, 2020-The Divine Freedom Blueprint ~ Tihoco

Cosmic Transmission with Tihoco Radio Show In this week's episode of Cosmic Transmission with TIHOCO we talk about The Divine Freedom Blueprint. I will explain to you what this means and how you can begin to activate layers of your life and awareness to open up to more freedom. We are here to experience pressure inside systems of servitude and break free from them. It is like a divine treasure hunt. Use your...

January 31, 2020-The White Room ~ Tihoco

Cosmic Transmission with Tihoco Radio Show In this week's episode I introduce you to the concept of The White Room. Learn to access the imprint field of your future desires. How can you implement this idea into your daily viewership and create space for MORE? I will give you a potent practice for asking the right questions and what to DO's not what you think. Learn to clear as a cycle and create a...

January 24, 2020-The Enchantment Game ~ Tihoco

Cosmic Transmission with Tihoco Radio Show Are you ready to uplevel your ability to rapid process and rewire your divine circuitry for more FUN? Break free from mundane methods for viewing and engaging with the world around you. In this week's episode I give you 5 ways to challenge yourself to deepen into wonder and awe as a waking state of awareness. If life is a game, let's play it with magic. You can book your...

January 17, 2020-Navigator – The Religion of You ~ Tihoco

Cosmic Transmission with Tihoco Radio Show There is a spiritual formula locked inside of you that will set you free from all systems and cycles that give your power away to faith foundations outside of yourself.  The time is right for you to do a deep extract of your internal spiritual methodology and let it guide you into fuller states of physical exaltation. ~ More About Cosmic...

January 10, 2020-Cash Love & The Wealth Body ~ Tihoco

Cosmic Transmission with Tihoco Radio Show In this week's episode I talk about true, divine self love and what that looks like in daily practice. In my program Money Honey, launching on 1/20/20 we are diving deeply into what it means to receive self love, cash love, and address our body as wealth. Where do we go wrong with current methods of managing our relationship with money and self? What we can do to infuse...

December 20, 2019-How to Master Time and Become a Time Bender ~ Guest, Ellyn Katherine Shamalov

Cosmic Transmission with Tihoco Radio Show Healer, educator, and ascension catalyst - Ellyn Katherine Shamalov is here to help you claim your wings! Coming into her true identity on this earth plane, Ellyn is what you consider a medical medium but claimed the name of Medical Alchemist because of her gift to help you decode the cryptic message your symptoms are sending you. Understanding the truth behind the...

December 13, 2019-Connecting with YOUR Divine Child ~ Tihoco

Cosmic Transmission with Tihoco Radio Show In this week's episode we will discuss who The Divine Child is for YOU and how to unlock this energy in your life. When you have reunited with your sense of wonder and wholeness, you have the ability to create from a whole new perspective with access pure energy. Discover more peace and purpose by recognizing the ways that your Divine Child attempts to consistently...

December 6, 2019-Rapid Processing and Upgrading our Emotional Landscape ~ Tihoco

Cosmic Transmission with Tihoco Radio Show In this week's episode I talk about how Rapid Processing can open up your Emotional Landscape to experience more of what you want and less of what you don't want. Do you ever find yourself looping on the same emotional issues or experiencing relationship deja vu? I am going to help you implement a few techniques that will help you blast through stuck....

November 29, 2019-Your Money Making Shame Ceiling ~ Tihoco

Cosmic Transmission with Tihoco Radio Show Are you a healer or spiritual entrepreneur? How to pay attention to where you feel uncomfortable charging for your services and what that means about determining your worth. What do you value most? Are your values in line with your current offers and pricing? ~ More About Cosmic Transmission with Tihoco ~  What is your purpose here on earth and...

November 22, 2019-5 Ways to Build Your Wealth Foundation Today ~ Tihoco

Cosmic Transmission with Tihoco Radio Show Join us this week as we look at practical ways to expand your definition of wealth and create more space to receive. In this episode of Cosmic Transmission with Tihoco, I give you 5 powerful practices you can use to build your Wealth Temple, connect with your intuition, and increase your capacity for more Wealth. ~ More About Cosmic Transmission with...
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