Conscious Beauty Talk with Amy Wall

Women have been sold a story of lack and limitation around what’s possible with our beauty, our biology and aging.

Today we have never enjoyed more breakthroughs in skincare ingredients, technology and our understanding of human consciousness.

It’s time to activate your beauty abundance and go beyond what you’ve been told and sold.

Conscious Beauty Guide Amy Wall will use her experience as an award-winning professional skincare expert and experience as a leader in the conscious beauty movement to teach you the tools, techniques and guidance to activate and experience the feeling of beautiful, have more radiant skin and to deeply love the woman you see in the mirror, on a daily basis.

Conscious Beauty Community:


August 31, 2020-The Farewell Show ~ Amy Wall

Conscious Beauty Talk with Amy Wall It's not goodbye, it's just so long and farewell to the current incarnation of Conscious Beauty Talk. Join Emilee and Amy one last time and learn about what has evolved and shifted in the furtherance of their service to their communities and soul clients. Learn the exciting news about how Emilee and Amy plan to continue their very special conscious beauty relationship.   ~...

August 24, 2020-Mynd Method with Susan Shaw

Conscious Beauty Talk with Amy Wall Try for a moment to imagine your favorite movies without their accompanying soundtracks. Oscar winning performances from some of history’s most beloved dramatic actors can fade to mere words in the absence of musical arrangement. It is the soundtrack that digs to the root of our psyche and tells us what we should be feeling at this particular moment. Whether it be joy or...

August 10, 2020-Skintuition With Emilee & Amy

Conscious Beauty Talk with Amy Wall Conscious Beauty Talk is evolving! We are welcoming Emilee on as an official co-host and we will give you a sneak peek at our new format. Enjoy a virtual audio spa retreat with us as we share the upcoming changes and share more of our magic with you. Emilee Fernandes is an innovator in the field of esthetics. Continuing with consulting on esthetics foundations, her mission is...

August 3, 2020-Defining The Culture Of Gua Sha With Anna Wang

Conscious Beauty Talk with Amy Wall Gua Sha, the darling of the holistic skincare industry, translates to "scraping skin", and has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It originally involved repeated pressed strokes over lubricated skin with a smooth-edged and blunt instrument. Commonly a ceramic Chinese soup spoon was used, a blunt, well-worn coin, honed animal bones, jade, or even a simple metal cap. Now,...

July 27, 2020-The “Ugly” Side Of The Beauty Industry ~ Amy Wall

Conscious Beauty Talk with Amy Wall Across the planet widespread changes are occurring. On every level, what's not working in the world is being highlighted and then asking to be changed. The root of the word "ugly" is FEAR and now more than ever, what's being created out of fear DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE. Amy, Emilee, and our special guest Valerie Yager will shine a light on the undercurrent of misappropriation and...

July 20, 2020-2020 Rants & Raves ~ Amy Wall

Conscious Beauty Talk with Amy Wall We are at the half-way mark of 2020 and Emilee and Amy have rants and raves and predictions about the beauty industry, and beyond. Tune into to hear two points of views from different parts of the world and discover common ground and expanded ease with both. Bring your questions and or just tune into live to receive the in the moment downloads that both of our hosts have to...

July 6, 2020-Inclusive Wellness with Tenisha Hicks

Conscious Beauty Talk with Amy Wall Today we are going to take moment to truly understand just how vast the world of beauty is, yet how narrow the scope of who is served and who is represented. There is a product for this, a trend for that, and a treatment for you, but as many women of color and multicultural ethnicity have experienced, there could be none at all. As an Esthetician, you might find yourself...

June 29, 2020-Summer Sun Social ~ Amy Wall & Emilee Fernandes

Conscious Beauty Talk with Amy Wall The Summer Sun Social is the answer to all your burning questions about how to protect your skin in the summer sun! From what sunscreen ingredients are safe, to interesting points of view about not using sunscreen, Amy & Emilee bring you their expert opinions and advice on all things summer sun. Bring your questions and an open mind and learn the dos and don'ts of safe summer...

June 22, 2020-Human Design with Fiona Wong

Conscious Beauty Talk with Amy Wall Fiona Wong is the guest expert for the Energetics of Esthetics, June energy edit. Each month the mastermind for the preeminent esthetician explores a healing modality or body of work that guides us in greater self knowledge and a deeper expression with our clients and the world. The Human Design System is a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences, and has proven to be a valuable...

June 15, 2020-Pigmentation 101 ~ Amy Wall

Conscious Beauty Talk with Amy Wall Pigmentation 101 is the first in our series to amplify black women's voices in beauty. The only difference between black women and white women is the amount of pigment in the skin, yet the divide socially and economically is still vast. It's time for acknowledgment and accountability for white privilege-especially in the beauty industry. It's time to show up, listen, and learn...