Be You Parenting with Mary Dravis-Parrish



“It seems I’ve officially lost my mind. I think my kids ran away with it.”

Parents, do you ever feel like this?

Are you tired of trying to meet other people’s expectations of you as a parent?

Would you like to live without the guilt, doubt, fear, worry, disrespect and frustration that many parents take on?

Mary Dravis-Parrish is here each week to guide you through the woes, challenges, questions and possibilities of parenting that will create more ease and confidence.

Families today are not just traditional families; they now include single parents, parents of the same gender, as well as grandparents raising grandchildren. Mary knows that regardless of the structure of a family, families can thrive, be happy and successful in today’s world. She also knows that the world will be a much better place when family life focuses on empowering parents and kids to be the unique caring beings they are meant to be.  Mary provides simple strategies and techniques that allow each family to raise children that feel confident stepping into their unique gifts and talents to offer to the world.  She utilizes her teaching experience along with her natural talents for getting to the root of what is causing distress, discord and dis-ease in family living.


August 20, 2018-Myths, Lies and Fantasies of Parenting ~ Mary Dravis-Parrish

Be You Parenting with Mary Dravis-Parrish There are many myths, lies and fantasies that affect and impact the lives of both child and parent. Acknowledging those myths, lies and fantasies and releasing them allows for a greater future for family living. How many myths, lies and fantasies keep you from being in more allowance of you and your children? This episode will uncover those falsehoods and give...

August 13, 2018-Preparing Your Child for School Success ~ Mary Dravis-Parrish

Be You Parenting with Mary Dravis-Parrish Another school year is fast approaching and there are some simple strategies that parents can use to help their children experience school success. Preparing for school success is more than doing remedial academics. School success is setting you and your child in the proper mindset by letting go of what hasn’t worked in the past and exploring new possibilities. In...

August 6, 2018-Parenting Your Inner Child ~ Mary Dravis-Parrish

Be You Parenting with Mary Dravis-Parrish When parents react to situations, often it is their own inner child who is reacting and taking control. Learning to identify our inner child and it’s needs can bring about resolutions to old childhood issues. How different would your parenting be if you didn’t allow your inner child to control you? This week we will look at how the inner child affects parenting...

July 30, 2018-Empowered Discipline ~ Mary Dravis-Parrish

Be You Parenting with Mary Dravis-Parrish Do you lie awake at night wondering how to control your child’s behavior? Are you afraid you will harm your child through your discipline? Have you read so many different things about discipline that you feel confused? Are you tired of doing the same method of discipline and feel that you aren’t getting anywhere? If so, come along this week as Mary invites you to...

July 23, 2018-The Magic of Gratitude ~ Mary Dravis-Parrish

Be You Parenting with Mary Dravis-Parrish Gratitude is a vital element in being a person of joy, love, kindness, caring and appreciation for life. Parents often wonder the best ways to introduce gratitude to their children. How can we use the magic of gratitude to enhance the parenting experience and empower our children to adopt the attitude of gratitude? Come along this week as Mary will share with you...

July 16, 2018-Losing Your Mind is a Must for Parents ~ Mary Dravis-Parrish

Be You Parenting with Mary Dravis-Parrish What if losing your mind would create more ease for you? Are you working hard to keep from losing your mind, especially with your kids? Losing your mind is required for all parents, especially those who are committed to be more empowered to live a conscious lifestyle. This week tune in to find out why losing your mind, can actually contribute to having more sanity,...

July 9, 2018-What’s Your Story? ~ Mary Dravis-Parrish

Be You Parenting with Mary Dravis-Parrish Each of us has a story that has helped to shape how we are today. For some parents, their story may be creating more conflict with their children. What story do you live by and is it keeping you from being all you can be? This week we will explore the various ways that our stories hold us back as well as move us forward and how they impact the relationship we form...

July 2, 2018-Using Boredom to Empower Your Kids ~ Mary Dravis-Parrish

Be You Parenting with Mary Dravis-Parrish Every parent hears their child complain about boredom at some time. What do kids really need when they are possessed by boredom? What if you as a parent could empower your child through the boredom blues? Come with us this week as we explore the possibilities and apply the tools of Be You Parenting beyond boredom and whining and into the world of choice and awareness...

June 25, 2018-Empowering Questions for Empowered Parents ~ Mary Dravis-Parrish

Be You Parenting with Mary Dravis-Parrish Asking questions is vital in developing empowering relationships, whether it is our relationship with self, our child or a co-parent. It can be confusing though to know which questions to use and when. Even having some standard questions will create the space for expanding confidence with this skill. Don’t miss this week’s episode as Mary takes you on a journey into...

June 20, 2018-22nd Century Consciousness ~ Mary Dravis-Parrish

Igniting 22nd Century Consciousness Through Be You Parenting ~ Mary Dravis_Parrish Mary Dravis-Parrish Audio recording of Chapters 1-3 of Empowered Parents Empowering Kids- Value $15 USD Preview this empowering book and improve your adventure in parenting. Have a journal handy to get closer to who you truly BE? Audio of End Relationship Madness- Value $100 USD The 5...