Be You Parenting with Mary Dravis-Parrish


“It seems I’ve officially lost my mind. I think my kids ran away with it.”

Parents, do you ever feel like this?

Are you tired of trying to meet other people’s expectations of you as a parent?

Would you like to live without the guilt, doubt, fear, worry, disrespect and frustration that many parents take on?

Mary Dravis-Parrish is here each week to guide you through the woes, challenges, questions and possibilities of parenting that will create more ease and confidence.

Families today are not just traditional families; they now include single parents, parents of the same gender, as well as grandparents raising grandchildren. Mary knows that regardless of the structure of a family, families can thrive, be happy and successful in today’s world. She also knows that the world will be a much better place when family life focuses on empowering parents and kids to be the unique caring beings they are meant to be.  Mary provides simple strategies and techniques that allow each family to raise children that feel confident stepping into their unique gifts and talents to offer to the world.  She utilizes her teaching experience along with her natural talents for getting to the root of what is causing distress, discord and dis-ease in family living.


February 11, 2019-End Relationship Madness ~ Mary Dravis-Parrish

Be You Parenting with Mary Dravis-Parrish Relationships can be the source of stress, sadness, and frustration. Children observe how their parents and adults around them create relationships. If you struggle with knowing what you would like in a relationship, how will your children know what they want? Mary will share this week how to end your relationship madness and create more ease with the various relationships...

February 4, 2019-Willing to Fail ~ Mary Dravis-Parrish

Be You Parenting with Mary Dravis-Parrish Failure- Something many parents avoid. They don’t want to see their kids fail, they don’t want to fail themselves as parents and yet, avoiding failure may be just what is keeping you from being a success and your kids too. What Mary reveals about failure may be quite a surprise along with the tools to increase your willingness to see failure from a different...

January 28, 2019-Is My Child Wired to Struggle? ~ Guest Maxine Haller OTR/L

Be You Parenting with Mary Dravis-Parrish Are you very worried about your child’s ability to cope? Does your child struggle at home and at school? Does your child’s struggle impact how you interact and have a detrimental effect on the whole family? All children develop and grow differently, at different speeds and in different ways. No matter how they do it though, there are certain milestones that have to be...

January 21, 2019-Empowered To Handle Bullies ~ Mary Dravis-Parrish

Be You Parenting with Mary Dravis-Parrish The latest research shows that one in three children is directly involved in bullying as a perpetrator, victim, or both. And many of those who are not directly involved witness others being bullied on a regular basis. As parents we have the power to help reduce bullying and to empower our children to know how to handle the bullies in their life. This week Mary will share...

January 14, 2019-Kids And Screen Time ~ Mary Dravis-Parrish

Be You Parenting with Mary Dravis-Parrish Many parents are confused, scare and wary of the amount of time their kids spend with screen time. The information we receive from the professionals can be confusing, some saying screen time for kids is damaging their brains and other experts who say don’t worry about it. What is a parent to do and how do you regulate screen time for kids when they are exposed to it...

January 7, 2019-Your Kids, Their Bodies ~ Guest Milica Jelenic

Be You Parenting with Mary Dravis-Parrish Do you struggle with how to talk to your kids about their bodies? Does having a teen cause you to worry about how they will be with their growing and changing body? What about your child’s awareness of sexuality? In this episode, we are delighted to have Milica Jelenic to share with us how to have conversations with kids and teens about their bodies, puberty and...

December 17, 2018-Keys To Simple Parenting ~ Mary Dravis-Parrish

Be You Parenting with Mary Dravis-Parrish Are you often confused and frustrated as a parent, wondering if parenting can be simple? Do you get caught up in the demands that you lose sight of making parenting simple, easier and more joyful? What if you had simple keys that you can use to make your parenting simple, with less stress? This week Mary will share specific keys to simple parenting. Prepare to let go...

December 10, 2018-Raising a Child on the Spectrum ~ Guest Derek Volk

Be You Parenting with Mary Dravis-Parrish Children don’t always come into our lives as we expect. Raising a child on the spectrum of autism presents challenges that can leave parents feeling discouraged as they search for answers. What if there were strategies that could help support and make the journey of raising a child on the spectrum more fulfilling? Our guest, Derek Volk, knows these challenges as he...

December 3, 2018-No More Holiday Stress ~ Mary Dravis-Parrish

Be You Parenting with Mary Dravis-Parrish ‘Tis the time when families and friends come together to celebrate the holidays. It can be a time of stress as parents scurry about to meet the demands of creating holiday cheer. What if the holidays could truly be cheerful and full of joy without the stress? What if you could take control and end the stress that the holidays bring? You will want to be sure to tune...

November 26, 2018-Parenting Teens ~ Guest Corinna Stoeffl

Be You Parenting with Mary Dravis-Parrish Parenting teens can be a tough time for both parent and teen. This is a time that can create more distance between parent and teen as well as more tension. How is parenting a teen different as they grow into adulthood? What tools can bring a deeper connection between parent and teen? Join our guest Corinna Stoeffl, as she shares valuable insights that she has learned in...