Animals Connect with Deb Brosnan


Everyone and everything in this Universe is constantly communicating with you, and you…with them…

Are you aware of the information being shared with you?

We often grow up (and out) of our ability to be aware of and connect with animals. To share with and receive from them. There is so much knowledge we share together that creates happiness and ease of everyone!

Deb Brosnan is an animal communicator (animal to human translator) who will use her talents to help you connect with the animals you love. To expand your perception of the world beyond ‘normal’ human perception. To take the knowledge of the animals all around us to create a more prosperous life for everyone.

Deb is available for private readings (in person and by phone), and travels throughout the US and worldwide for animal communication classes and clinics.


August 20, 2018-When is it Time to Say Good-Bye – Evolutionary Choice ~ Deb Brosnan

Animals Connect with Deb Brosnan Radio Show Evolutionary Choice: Letting go of a pet, friend or family member can be truly painful. We have been taught in many cultures that it is profound loss. In other cultures it is a part of soul evolution. What if instead it is a growth toward something bigger? Something more brilliant? A type of evolutionary choice? What if death is simply an evolutionary choice? If it is in...

August 13, 2018-Learning to Use the Earth’s Magnetism with Sharks ~ Deb Brosnan

Animals Connect with Deb Brosnan Radio Show We know little about how the earth's magnetism works in our lives. Generally little is thought about it in our day-to-day lives. Yet so many animals and fish use it as the map to travel around the world. Sharks use the earth's magnetism for so much more than just traveling to and from locations. What else do the sharks know about the earth's magnetism that they want to...

August 6, 2018-Step Into Your Greatness with Everything – The Superpowers of You

Animals Connect with Deb Brosnan Radio Show You... Are you searching for the answers... Is there a yearning inside of you that you are trying to search out? To remember? To find? You are a collection of superpowers. You are a magic. You have AMNESIA! Today we call upon ALL the sentient beings of this world to help you out of the amnesia we are born with. Because once we have forgotten who we are, we forget the...

July 30, 2018-The Undiscovered World – The Magic of Gorillas ~ Deb Brosnan

Animals Connect with Deb Brosnan Radio Show The undiscovered world. A world where we all connect at a deeper, more profound level. Words can create limitation, confusion and miscommunication. What if gorillas are inviting us to join in the undiscovered world? A world that is not of the future, but reawakening to a time in the past? Gorillas remember the old world. They are the keepers of the knowledge of the old...

July 23, 2018-It’s Time to Spread Your Wings – the Magic of Butterflies

Animals Connect with Deb Brosnan Radio Show This week's show is to connect with the butterflies who are here to coach you through the darkness. Through the fear. Into the light. Through the yearning for more that makes you finally come out of your cocoon and be the beautiful butterflies you are. It's time for you to find your butterfly heart. Butterflies have extraordinary hearts. Hearts so amazing it creates the...

July 16, 2018-Ants – The Construction Workers of Gaia ~ Deb Brosnan

Animals Connect with Deb Brosnan Radio Show Ants, how do you perceive an ant? Ants in general or a colony of ants? Do you greet them with fascination, annoyance, as an enemy or the assistants to Gaia? Gaia is another name given to Earth. Ants are the little construction workers of the life that Gaia creates for everyone. From their tunneling to their waste disposal duties, ants help the earth stay healthy. ...

July 9, 2018-You Seem Familiar are You My Familiar? (Animal Familiars) ~ Deb Brosnan

Animals Connect with Deb Brosnan Radio Show This is a discussion (with and about) animal familiars. What an animal familiar is (historically, religious definitions and through the show). What is a spirit animal; and are they the same? Is an animal that you are close to an animal spirit, who is your animal familiar? Are they a spirit residing in an animal body? Or is it simply a spirit that may be a friend, family...

July 2, 2018-Creating FUN with Music, Animals & Entities with Deb & Elfy Jo

Animals Connect with Deb Brosnan Radio Show Magic is EVERYWHERE! There is magic in the music the trees create as their leaves dance in the breeze. There is magic in the sound of someone's voice as they call your name. There is magic in the sound of a musical instrument that stops you from moving, makes you close your eyes and stop time to listen to it's beauty. There is magic in the unconditional, ever-present...

June 25, 2018-Understanding & Expanding Into Your Pet’s ‘Wholistic’ World ~ Deb Brosnan

Animals Connect with Deb Brosnan Radio Show Today we are going to take YOU on a deep-dive with your pet on Changing Their World by Expanding Ours. Although you have heard this many times on my radio show and seen it on my website, do you know what that means to you? To your pet? Do you know how it feels to be a pet in your world? I am not speaking of sensitive hearing or amazingly accurate sight. I am talking...

June 19, 2018-22nd Century Consciousness ~ Deb Brosnan

Igniting 22nd Century Consciousness Through Animals Connect ~ Deb Brosnan Deb Brosnan Animal Communication Session with Deb Brosnan 45-minute animal communication phone call Session can be one or more animals that you wish to speak to You can ask as many questions as time allows MP3 audio recording of your call to download and keep Value $110.00 The Art of Creating...