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We all have this amazing space within us that gives us every answer we could ever want. Sometimes it taps us on the shoulder, sometimes it whispers sweetly or not so sweetly.  Lynda Walsh



February 23, 2015-The Superhighway of Infinite Possibilities, is it The Real Deal?!!!

21 Grams of Soul with Lynda Walsh Join Jess and Sarah as they take us on a mind tingling journey, We will explore” Neuroscience and the Art of Changing Your Life” Because now we have scientific proof what sages ,monks the Budda have been conveying for ages .Which means that we can imprint our brains to wire into  the space infinite possibilities .Come play as they teach us about” Hebbs  Law” and...

February 16, 2015-How To Increase Your Vibration Of Love & Success with Guest Nan Akasha

21 Grams of Soul with Lynda Walsh Be The Love you came here to Be!! How does it get any better than that? Nan Akasha/ Success Hypnotist and author of” Already Rich Secrets To Master Your Money Mind” And her latest book “ BE LOVE” will take us through The Be Love Activations which are simple elegant and deep and will help us manifest faster ,easier and with more fun. Lynda is a Certified Master Hypnotist,...

January 26, 2015-Oh!! My Sweet Bees Guest Tina Anderson

21 Grams of Soul with Lynda Walsh Join Master Hypnotist Lynda Walsh along with her guest Tina Anderson As Tina share’s her story of how the long hours and stress from a corporate position put her health at risk and she wanted to be closer to her family. She reached a turning point and went with her idea that had been rooted in her since childhood as she watched her grandmother bring food from the garden and...

January 19, 2015-Calling All Wild Women (and men) To Find Your Creative Voice! with guest E’layne Koenigsberg

21 Grams of Soul with Lynda Walsh Tonight E’Layne Koenisberg mixed media collage artist, women’s health and Empowerment Coach will shine her light of truth, as she shares with us how coming from our creativity and instinctual self makes for radiant health that lights up our face. You can’t buy that kind of creativity and light from a bottle or a plastic surgeon and I say its way better than...

January 12, 2015-Are You Feeling Drained, Fried Brained and Body in Pain?

21 Grams of Soul with Lynda Walsh Join Lynda Walsh,  Radio Host, Master Hypnotist and Concierge Coach along with Lesa Mullins, Reiki Master, Holistic Life Coach and Bars Facilitator As they bring you a way to  Renew, Relax and Recharge, even if you are stressed to the max. We start you out with a Reiki Infused Meditation. We then unwind all those spaces and places where you have tightened up and impeded...

January 5, 2015-What If Making Money didn’t have to be Hard, unattainable or unimaginable?

21 Grams of Soul with Lynda Walsh Do you feel awkward asking for money for doing something you love? Do you want to feel worthy of people’s admiration and respect when you offer your services ? Perhaps you have been caught up the old belief system that you need this sale , I must have it. This is coming from a space that is demeaning and fear based. In our show tonight we are so lucky to have a master of...

December 29, 2014-Ready For More Soul And Money??

21 Grams of Soul with Lynda Walsh As you think about that question notice the choices you are making in your mind regard your answer. Have you made money decisions by using patterns that were indoctrinated into you ? Are you ready for this: *Clear all life –robbing blocks to having money *Delete Debt Permanently *Increase money awareness *generate money effecieantly and easily * open to receive money in a...

December 22, 2014-21 Games for The Mind that Won’t Shut the @#&* Up!

21 Grams of Soul with Lynda Walsh Tonight we have a hot, hot, hot show for you. Join Master Hypnotist /Concierge Business Coach and host of 21 Grams of Soul radio show Lynda Walsh and her guest, California Hypnotherapist A.T.Lynne Certified in 2014, A.T. has a thriving Hypnotherapy practice in Northern California, specializing in helping women transit comfortably through menopause without drugs, pain control, and...

December 8, 2014-Are you saying I hate my body! Guest Anne Goodman

21 Grams of Soul with Lynda Walsh Is that how you really feel? Would you talk to a friend the way you talk to yourself?  What if a friend spoke to you this way? Would you forgive them?  Would you stay friends? Join 21 Grams of Soul radio host , Lynda Walsh Master Hypnotist/Concierge Business Coach and EFT Expert and Master Hypnotist, Anne Goodman who  will take us through an EFT session  where we will Tap on...

December 1, 2014-Stop Sitting on the Fence with Money! Guest Purim King

21 Grams of Soul with Lynda Walsh Stop sitting on the fence with money! Are you ready to commit to dating money and double your income in 2015.? Lynda Walsh, Master Hypnotist/ Concierge Business coach and host of 21 Grams of Soul Radio show will be interviewing Purim King, author of the book “The Little Book For Big Change”, Purim is also a coach,poet,channel and psychic,psychotherapist and a master healer....
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