Your Infinite Potential with Mary Bailee

Your Infinite Potential with Mary Bailee

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October 23, 2015 by Super Scoop of Consciousness

Have you ever witnessed people who seem to have it all together? Who seem to breeze through life, knowing EXACTLY what they should be doing and are following their hearts desire?

Do you ever feel lost? Or that something is missing in your life?  Are you struggling to uncover your inner path in life? I mean, who isn’t confused as some point or another about how the heck to balance love, life, work, kids, friends….

Seriously, it’s enough to make you pitch a fit when you feel like you’re living a life without passion or purpose!

Join us as we talk with Mary Bailee, Transformation Coach & Motivational speaker, and learn about the Your Infinte Potential Summit and how to “Discover Your Purpose and Create Wealth Doing What You Love”