Your Body Is Speaking, Are You LISTENING? Guest Donnielle Carter

Your Body Is Speaking, Are You LISTENING? Guest Donnielle Carter

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March 23, 2015 by Joy of Living with Laleh

Joy of Living with Laleh Radio Show

Did you know that our bodies are communicating with us all day long.  What if communicating with your body was one of the keys to changing your body and your life?  Did you know that your body has a consciousness of it’s own.  What would happen if you asked your body what IT would like to eat?  Or have you already decided what is “good” for it?  Who eats?  You or your body?  What if your body had an opinion?

Join Joy of Living with Laleh as she interviews Donnielle Carter of Right Body for You as they explore this concept of “Your Body is Talking….Are You Listening?”

About Donnielle Carter:

Donnielle Carter is a Certified Facilitator, Radio Host, Spokesperson of Right Body For You Book and Workshops, and the Access Consciousness Global Body Class Program Leader.  Donnielle spent 20 years in Radio and 10 years in TV production. Donnielle found Access Consciousness and she stopped hiding behind the camera.  With the tools, her body changed from a size 16 to size 6 in just 5 months with no dieting, no exercise, no deprivation, no pills or gimmicks…just re-connecting to her body and asking it what it wanted.

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