Your Body as Your Home Series ~ Guest Lindsay Bailey

Your Body as Your Home Series ~ Guest Lindsay Bailey

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May 8, 2019 by Luscious Leadership with Danna Lewis

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“Be softer with you. You are a breathing thing, a memory to someone, a home to life.” How are you doing with your body in this adventure we call living? Are you in communion with it? In conflict with it? Looking for ways to care for and nurture it? Join Danna for this special series aimed to bring you changemakers, and their stories, of how they not only embraced their body as their home but also made it into business and platform for thousands of people to take care of themselves better.

After more than a decade of working in corporate America, Lindsay Bailey witnessed first hand how health and wellness was de-prioritize and often ignored entirely, leading to unhealthy and unmotivated employees. She set out to change things in 2016 by founding FitPros, a corporate wellness company whose mission is to motivate employees through physical movement and mindful education. FitPros serves leading companies around the country by designing and implementing custom wellness plans that deliver high engagement on-site employee programs.

With a roster of top physical trainers and expert speakers, FitPro’s comprehensive wellness initiatives have been shown to improve retention and recruit high caliber employees, all while reducing the cost of an organization’s healthcare claims. Lindsay reinforces the importance of healthy employees by regularly speaking to executive HR teams, at industry conferences, and was elected Co-President of the Ellevate Network San Francisco Chapter, a global network of professional women committed to elevating each other and their community through education, inspiration, and opportunity.

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Are you feeling fantastic or frustrated with your days? Are you living your life based on other people’s paths, projections or expectations? What if instead of showing up with a rebellion, resistance, reaction or ‘whatever’ attitude you could lead yourself lusciously with deeper presence, strategic awareness and courageous kindness to create your entire work-life spectrum as a space of possibility, achievement and fulfillment?

Danna Lewis will provide you with the topics and framework to bring the art of pragmatic energy and inspired action of luscious leadership into your life to improve your bottom line from the bedroom to the boardroom. What if you you could embody the courageously conscious and kind strategic awareness to create a life, living and love that work deliciously well for you?

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