YOU, the Greatest Entity There Is! on Talk To The Entities With Cara and Bret

YOU, the Greatest Entity There Is! on Talk To The Entities With Cara and Bret

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July 23, 2014 by Talk to the Entities® with Cara and Bret

In this reality, when you go to a psychic or get a reading from a medium, often they’ll tell you the information they are receiving is coming from some great entity out there that knows way more than you do, and you should listen to them because since they don’t have a body they must be greater than you are.

Have you ever bought that? Would you like to give it up now?

What if there was a different possibility here where you can listen to and communicate with entities without giving you or your awareness up to them?

Have you ever considered you might be more aware and more powerful than the great and powerful entities out there?

“Nothing and no one is more powerful than you in your own life. You must choose to be the most dominant entity in your own life, meaning you do not look outside of yourself for the answer, for the power of you, or anything that is innately the strength that you be as an infinite being. You are totally capable, totally able, and more powerful than you probably desire to acknowledge right now.”

-Shannon O’Hara, founder of Talk to the Entities

If you’re interested in exploring this possibility and taking the first step to having and being that, Cara and I (Bret) invite you to join us in creating this new reality.

What gift and change could you be to the world if you stepped up and claimed all that you are?