Yoga Therapy & Emotional Intelligence: Skills for Successful Relationships

Yoga Therapy & Emotional Intelligence: Skills for Successful Relationships

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April 2, 2014 by Integrated Health 4 You with Karen Claffey

Guest B Grace Bullock

PhD, E RYT-500, Intervention Scientist, Author, Educator, Certified Viniyoga Therapist

Do you often find yourself in emotionally charged situations that leave you physically and emotionally exhausted? High intensity emotion often triggers the same brain systems responsible for coping with trauma. These systems require a tremendous amount of energy. In the case of chronic, high intensity emotion, these systems become depleted, as do we.

Emotional intelligence is at the heart of happy, successful personal and professional relationships. Mindfulness-based emotional intelligence skills allow us to examine and understand our emotional sensations, experiences, and reactions so that we can better handle high intensity events. Many of these skills are derived from ancient yogic philosophies and practices including pranayama, meditation, mantra and others.

We will explore the basic tenets of emotional intelligence from both a Western and a yogic perspective to see how the powerful synchrony of these philosophies can help us to manage emotional stressors, and to be present for our students, and our clients/patients.

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