WTH is B.I.G & Why Does It Matter? With Rhonda Burns & Christine McIver

WTH is B.I.G & Why Does It Matter? With Rhonda Burns & Christine McIver

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January 6, 2016 by *Rendezvous with Rhonda

B.I.G. = Bodacious Invitation to Greatness. Bold+Audacious=Bodacious. It isn’t just a word, it’s a way of BEING.

Born from a collaboration of two dominant creators that allow themselves to show up fully, wholly, vulnerably and are continuously willing to do whatever it takes to change, create, expand, grow and generate a life and living beyond what society and traditional business tells them they can, B.I.G. is an invitation to all those in hiding that are truly ready to come out, show up and be fully supported/encouraged and applauded for the B.I.G. they truly be.

There’s always an abundance of laughter and irreverence when Rhonda & Christine play together, so be sure to join in the fun and see what this might create in your life, living, body, bank accounts, relationships, business, family and anything else you care to consider.

You can find out more about B.I.G. here – http://bit.ly/ChoosingBIGJan2016  ~  https://www.facebook.com/B.I.G.L​ivingNOW/

Christine McIver is a Possibilities Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Radio Show Host & the Station Owner of A2zen.fm, as well as an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator. Christine is highly successful at inspiring individuals and businesses to make choices that will bring them increased success, greater joy, self confidence and remarkable inspiring change.

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Rhonda’s vibrant and exuberant personality coupled with the space of no judgment, not only invites people into the fullness and truth of themselves, but provides the catalyzing energy to quicken the time frame, allowing them to achieve their greatest levels of success and happiness faster. She’s been deemed the atom bomb of consciousness and an energetic powerhouse. People can’t help but walk away activated, energized and feeling better as a result of playing with Rhonda.

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