WTF!?! or I’m Angry and I Know It.

WTF!?! or I’m Angry and I Know It.

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September 8, 2014 by Simply Being

Are there things you see, behaviors and other stuff that just makes you go What the Fuck? Those things that just piss you off? Do you ever feel bad later, because after all as a seeker, as kind person, as someone searching for more and better, you aren’t supposed to get angry or have those negative emotions. Well, guess what Rioha is a seeker, kind and she gets angry and sometimes What the Fuck is her favorite expletives. Join Rioha this Monday as She discuss anger and other base emotions. She may just piss you off in the process or maybe you will laugh along with her. . Right now Rioha is angry and she knows it. Want to know what makes pisses Rioha off, join her Monday and find out.

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