Writing and Publishing our Truth ~ Guest Kim Eley

Writing and Publishing our Truth ~ Guest Kim Eley

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August 14, 2019 by In Pursuit of Truth with Aideen T. Finnola

In Pursuit Of Truth with Aideen T. Finnola Radio Show

Knowing your truth is one thing, but telling your truth takes it to the next level! One of the most powerful and empowering ways that you can tell your truth is through writing and publishing your story, whether that story is fiction or non-fiction! Kim Eley of KWE Publishing is an expert in empowering her clients to tell their truth through writing and publishing their stories!

Having the desire to tell your truth in print is one thing; turning that desire into a reality is another thing altogether! Some of the biggest hurdles to overcome are emotional hurdles inside yourself. Hurdles like “I don’t have what it takes,” “Who do I think I am to become a published author?” and “What will people think?” Kim Eley of KWE Publishing has years of experience in coaching her clients over these emotional hurdles and walking them through the practical steps of the publishing process.

Join Aideen for this powerful and informative conversation with author, publisher, writing coach, and speaker, Kim Eley of KWE Publishing.

Kim Eley is an author, a writing coach, a publishing consultant, and speaker who started her companies, KWE Publishing and Zazu Zine + Comix, to fulfill publishing dreams! Kim is a graduate of the College of William and Mary and Virginia Commonwealth University, a member of James River Writers, the National Speakers Association, FAB Women, On Purpose Women, Synapse Networking.
After a lifetime of editing for others but always stuck in permanent “writer’s block” herself, Kim Eley discovered HER story during layoffs at her job in 2014. Determined to find out if indeed there are people who love what they do, she was delighted to find some who do – and learned what makes other people “tick.” After self-publishing her book, Tickers! What Makes People…Tick! And Pursue a Career They Love! Kim was constantly asked, “How did you do that?” by other aspiring writers. One day, the light bulb blinked and she realized that she wanted to help guide others through the process! Kim loves helping others and is passionate about coaching her clients to turn their writing dreams into a published reality.    kwe@kwepub.com   https://www.kwepub.com/

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~ More About In Pursuit Of Truth with Aideen T. Finnola ~ 

Aideen T. Finnola is an empowerment coach, author, speaker, and radio show host. She is an unapologetic and empowered survivor of and thriver after physical, emotional, psychological, and religious abuse.

As she was raised in a religious cult for the first two decades of her life and was then unsuspectingly married to a closeted gay man for her life’s next two decades, she has a lot of experience with varying degrees and expressions of untruth. These experiences have fueled her pursuit of truth to the point of a full-on passion (some might say obsession).

Aideen has learned that above all, untruth is both unworkable and painful. Coming from the perspective that life, time and space, and the human experience are all perfect and good, she knows that truth can only exist within ideas and experiences that are both workable and enjoyable.

Aideen coaches her clients to find their own truth by investigating outside the conventional parameters of “should and shouldn’t,” “good and bad,” and “right and wrong.” She guides them instead to evaluate their experiences by questioning “Is this working for me?” and “Am I enjoying this?”

Aideen empowers people all over the world through her coaching, her memoir, My Exquisite Purple Life, her speaking, and her radio show. Her unwavering message is to look for truth, guidance, and answers within, because it’s all there inside!

https://www.aideentfinnola.com/     ~    https://www.facebook.com/aideentfinnola   

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