Wrapping it Up with Co-Host Alyssa Light

Wrapping it Up with Co-Host Alyssa Light

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December 7, 2015 by Simply Being

Rioha and Alyssa have added one final bonus week to wrap up what they have been creating in November with marketing.  Tying it all together for you in a brilliantly wrapped package!

Utilizing The Shine System, Alyssa will coach Rioha and support her to generate increased revenue by capitalizing on her ‘it factor’. Each week they will focus on a topic.   This first week they will be talking about finding your niche and creating your pitch.   How much can participating in these shows grow your life and business?

Alyssa is known as The Profitable Innovator – a business coach and consultant that produces quantifiable results. Last year, she helped a client reach a 5 year target in just 8 months. Her 6-step system takes businesses from where they are now to generating sustainable results. Alyssa’s background as an entrepreneur started at just 11 years old, when she glued fur to rocks and sold them at her school Christmas fair. She made $200 by marketing them as ‘pet rocks’. At 14 Alyssa started making beaded jewellery; at 17 she won a government award to start a small business; and while at Georgian College in the Goldsmithing program, she made the 20th Anniversary gifts for Blue Rodeo. Alyssa had a small jewellery business for about 10 years before choosing to pursue something bigger.

Alyssa started speaking and training teams four years ago, with an invitation from a local organization. After two years of ‘following the breadcrumbs’, she developed her coaching and consulting business and has clients across Canada. Her 6-step system is The Shine System, and has been used to support start-ups as well as a multi 7-figure company. Systems and structures are the keys to business success, and The Shine System brilliantly creates both. It’s all about innovative marketing and generating real dollars.

alyssa@theprofitableinnovator.com   ~ theprofitableinnovator.com

www.rioha.com ~ rioha@rioha.com ~ 720-336-3269 ~ https://www.pinterest.com/rioha/

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