Wizardry and the Magic of Technology with Sage Lee

Wizardry and the Magic of Technology with Sage Lee

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August 24, 2015 by Simply Being

What is Magic?  If Magic really exist where do we find it?  Magic and Technology, how does that work?   Can anyone become a wizard and enhance their magical abilities.   Join Rioha as she interviews Sage Lee about these things and so much more.

Sage Lee has a passion for connecting people to the big Why, why people do what they do, and their connection to the big why. Sage Lee worked as an Art Director and Brand Strategist for international Fortune 500 companies for 25 years, and taught design at the University of California until he decided he wanted to bring his gifts to the world in an even greater way. He then became a Master Coach and master of metaphysical techniques, mastering NLP with the techniques C-level executives use to transform their inner game. In Spring 2011 he spoke at the prestigious TEDx conference in Santa Cruz California.

In addition, he is a renowned performance artist, whose work has appeared around the country. His art performances have been broadcast on Television and his work has appeared in venues and galleries in the San Francisco bay area including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. He’s studied the metaphysical world and is the creator of the Sage Tarot Deck.

Now Sage has recently turned his talent toward helping small businesses create greater wealth and power with ancient, effective techniques. He lives at the beach in Davenport California.

https://www.facebook.com/bruceglee ~ 831-596-6971 ~ sage@sbbb.us ~ Skype: bruceglee

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