Why Moody Women Should Get Their Due

Why Moody Women Should Get Their Due

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April 13, 2015 by Turning Point – a GPS for your Success

Turning Point- a GPS for your Success with Host Judith L. Harrison

Ever bother to really wonder at whence ‘the moody blues’? Usually we are more likely to criticize or judge another – or even ourselves – for our moodiness. We are programmed to think that we should be nice, pleasant, thoughtful of others and so on. But what about the vicissitudes of our emotions? If we have emotions and responses, wouldn’t we be well served to check them out as wonderful guideposts?!

Psychiatrist Julie Holland, in her new release: “Moody Bitches” sheds some very interesting scientific data on moods and truth-telling. We shall explore the landscape of moods, science, and relationships in this hour of Turning Points.


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