Why Is Everything So Complicated? with Carol Glover

Why Is Everything So Complicated? with Carol Glover

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June 11, 2014 by Work And A Life

Juggling schedules to get all the kids to all their activities every day?

Spending your evenings toiling over your latest volunteer venture – that you got into for fun and to make a difference but the only difference is less time to yourself and your family?

Do you find yourself complicating things at work – perhaps to justify your “expert” title or wage? And then suffering the consequence of having to work in unrequired complexity?

Do you wish things were simpler? Do you think simplicity means being a jerk and saying ‘no’ to everyone?

Join Carol in this candid conversation to break the chains of judgment – real or perceived, from others or yourself, and get on with simplicity! You know you want it. You know it’s possible. You know it could save your sanity, your family and give you more.

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