Why Doesn’t This Relationship Work ~ Bert & Nelly

Why Doesn’t This Relationship Work ~ Bert & Nelly

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June 25, 2018 by Creating Magical Relationships with Bert & Nelly

Creating Magical Relationships Radio Show

Have you tried to learn about relationship from this reality? Have you tried to discover what makes a good relationship based on what everyone else is doing? Do you see them doing all this intense emotional stuff and think they are having fun? Then you try all this and found out it wasn’t fun for you? Over and over again and then start asking what is wrong with me? What am I not getting? Perhaps you are not like other people, perhaps yet you keep trying to be like others and work hard to get it right. There is no choice in things you do that are abut fitting in, winning or losing, you are always in judgement. Where is the freedom of choice to be you?

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Do you have any places where you are locked up with creating the best relationship and sex life you’ve ever had?

What if those places could be unlocked and you could begin to enjoy relationships again?

What if you didn’t have to give up or cut off parts of yourself and you can see the value and contribution of you in every relationship?

Let’s talk about what nobody talks about and gain access to the possibilities of amazing and empowering sex and relationships where you do not lose you, in fact, you get more of yourself.


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