Whose wrath do you fear? with Alun & Tamara

Whose wrath do you fear? with Alun & Tamara

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March 28, 2016 by Playground of Possibilities with Tamara and Alun

Remember when you were young and one of the scariest things for you was when someone made it clear they were really angry with you for something? Or threatened to get angry with you if you did or didn’t do something they desired you do or not do?

As you get older, the fear of your parent’s wrath can become less or irrelevant for you ­ although not always ­ to be replaced by your fear of the wrath of someone or something else. Your boss? God? The Government? Yourself?!

It’s amazing how many people use wrath to try and get others to do things because they’ve concluded that there is no other way to get them to do them.

Whose wrath do you fear the most that keeps you from choosing to be you without apology and having and creating the life you truly desire? What have you decided will happen if someone does get angry with you? Are you making other people’s anger greater than you? What if you didn’t?

Join Alun and Tamara and in the Playground Of Possibilities life beyond fear of wrath exists, and where everything is play and anything is possible.

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