Who IS That Person in the Mirror? ~ Becky Herdt

Who IS That Person in the Mirror? ~ Becky Herdt

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November 16, 2016 by Unchained with Becky

Have you ever looked into the mirror and not recognized the person looking back at you? Whether it’s because your body is changing, or perhaps you are just creating an entire new reality and all of the connection points to the past are slipping away and new and amazing possibilities are showing up? Join us as we look at the land of possibilities that show up when we become Unchained! From all the ways we have defined ourself In the past.

How many things in our life hold us back? Stand in our way? Chain us all to our previous choices? What if all of those things could change for you? As if by magic? What if you could break away, become Unchained, from all those limitations in your world?

Becky Herdt is a Business and Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Radio Show Host, Author and Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator who finds great joy in working with people and organizations to discover what unique talents and capacities they already have – especially those things hidden from view!