When is FAILURE a success? with Kass Thomas

When is FAILURE a success? with Kass Thomas

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July 30, 2014 by Living Consciously with Kass

How much of your energy goes into avoiding failure?

How much of your energy goes into trying to succeed?

Sometimes we do everything in our power to avoid failing when in reality allowing something to “fail” could be the best creation ever.

How often do you not even attempt something because you don’t think you will win?

Do you use your “past experiences” as building blocks or as limitations?

Stop letting your so called “failures” cast a shadow over what you can create in the future.

What if your biggest loss were the greatest win?

This is not about positive thinking, in fact it is not about thinking at all.

It is about taking an honest look at possibilities of creation and willingness to take risks.

Do you only look at what you could “loose” when it comes to risk ?

Join me as we talk about risk, success and failure and explore how those are interconnected and what points of view we have that are keeping us from breaking out of the win/loose scenario.

We know there is something in between (mediocrity, existing, head above what, that kind of thing)

But what is beyond?


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