Whats The Value of Hiding? ~ Guest Carol Glover

Whats The Value of Hiding? ~ Guest Carol Glover

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June 21, 2017 by Unchained with Becky

Unchained with Becky Herdt Radio Show

Are you willing to be in the spotlight? Are you ready to choose to be you and to put yourself out there in a way that everyone, everywhere can actually see you? Are you ready to step up and acknowledge that you know things that would be a tremendous contribution to you, to other people, and to the planet? What is it that keeps you hiding…either in small ways or totally obscure? Is now the time to change it? What if it starts with something as simple as a choice?

Becky Herdt is a Business and Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Radio Show Host, Author and Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator who finds great joy in working with people and organizations to discover what unique talents and capacities they already have – especially those things hidden from view!


Carol Glover is the host of Writing on Air here on the Station. She also has her Project Management Professional designation and over 20 years of intense corporate experience in which she has developed an amazing ability to meet business challenges with viable solutions. In 2009 she founded FireHorse Consulting Inc. and continues to provide Management and Advisory services through it. Applying creativity, agility, humour and strength of purpose, she steers her clients to breakthroughs that simplify life and reduce stress.

In early 2013, Carol discovered that she could bring her personal interest in healing energy work directly to businesses with profound effect. She continues to explore these energies through personal “Business Energy Scans” and regular “Group Business Energy Infusions.”

Connect with Carol at http://www.firehorseinc.ca/