What’s Right About the Ashley Madison expose’?! ~ Rhonda Burns

What’s Right About the Ashley Madison expose’?! ~ Rhonda Burns

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September 23, 2015 by Rendezvous with Rhonda

This show is going to bump up against all your sacred cows of relationship, infidelity, cheating, marriage, divorce, affairs, sluts, whores, courtesans, gigolos, escorts and all things S-E-X.

The Ashley Madison site, whose tag line is: “Life is Short. Have an Affair” is in business for the sole purpose of connecting parties to have affairs; most being married or already in relationships, to the tune of over 39 MILLION users.  As you may have heard, their membership data base was recently hacked and the member lists are being leaked into the public because the founders are refusing to shut down the site, which is what the hacker’s want.  I can’t think of a better time to have a much needed conversation and look at what’s right about this site and what it’s indicating is actually quite prevalent in society.

You’re invited to come take a wild ride on the fun bus with Rhonda Burns as she unearths hidden lies and secret agendas, so that we can all have greater possibility and greater choice when it comes to being here as the potent, unapologetic magnificent forces we are all here to be. Come tap into Rhonda’s presence, non-judgment, enthusiasm, unbridled energy and her ability to energize and catalyze you in very short order. And she’ll equip you with some simple and effective tools on the way. How better? Let’s play!

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