What You “Thought” You Lost

What You “Thought” You Lost

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October 21, 2015 by The Good Girls Guide To Being Wrong and Happy

When I was a kid I messed up a brand new pair of shoes. It was devastating. I was so upset that I couldn’t ever have them back in an un-scuffed state. I wanted give the shoes back… to trade them in for a new pair. But I also new that the new pair wouldn’t be that same pair that I loved. There was no way out.

We can look back to the past to try to recover something that we feel we’ve lost… we can long for the perfection of something we feel should be… or we can request a new future that could be even greater than what has been! We may not be able to get what we had back… but what if, moving forward was as easy as finally letting go of what we thought we lost…