What The Bleep Is Light Language? ~ Guest Brittany Rogozinski

What The Bleep Is Light Language? ~ Guest Brittany Rogozinski

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September 25, 2020 by *Stand As 1 with Carly Gossard

Stand As 1 With Carly Gossard 

What the bleep is light language? What if English isn’t actually our first language? What if there is another way to speak to our soul as well as to others that has been buried deep inside of us?

Brittany Rogozinski is a former Access Consciousness Facilitator turned Shaman. She specializes in embodiment and multidimensional awareness. She is currently serving clients world wide and resides in Pittsburgh, PA.

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~ More About Stand As 1 With Carly Gossard ~ 

Carly Gossard is an explore of consciousness, often taking the road less traveled, discovering new possibilities and ideas to share with the world. She has a degree in behavioral science as well as studied plant medicines and knows the ends and outs of how they can be helpful or harmful for our psyche. She has worked in media for eight years on many TV shows and commercials that have been aired on HBO, BYU TV, HGTV, Fox and ABC as well as many others. Learning the hidden strategies behind a reality no one even knows exists.

She’s worked as a body facilitator using the techniques of Access Consciousness, Quantum Healing Touch with Deepak Chopra and is a Reiki Master. Carly is well educated and uses frequency and sound healing techniques to remove trauma from the body. She is an advocate for child sex trafficking and regularly practices her ministry with the Sophia Code. Knowing that we all come from the same one light connection, her true desire is to be able to remind you of the sovereign divinity we all came here to be.


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