What Magic Will Show Up???

What Magic Will Show Up???

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January 28, 2015 by Magic in Motion with Cara Wright

Did you know that every creation in the universe has its own energy?? Often it is definable and perceivable. In fact in the Talk to the Entities curriculum this is the definiti n of an entity. An energy that is defined.

Things have been real interesting for me to kick off this 2015. I started out heading to an Access 3 day body class where I asked for more of my talents, abilities and capacities to show up and guess what?? They did!! Dynamically!!

So for the last two shows of this month I am choosing to BE the tools on my radio show.. What do I mean by that?? I mean 10 sec increments.. Interesting point of view ..no conclusion or expectation or linearity or have to… What would the “entity” of my show or the show that week like to be..who would like to play with me as a co-host….what am I perceiving knowing, being, and receiving that is beyond any fixed show title!!

Wanna come play in the mystery and exploration of whatever the hell shows up?? How much fun can we have?!? What magic can this be..and create?? Looking forward to being with you!! Woohooo!