What language does your body speak? Guest – Kass Thomas

What language does your body speak? Guest – Kass Thomas

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November 16, 2015 by Playground of Possibilities with Tamara and Alun

How much ease do you have with your body? If you could talk to your body what would you ask? What would you like to tell your body? Ever wondered what your body is trying to tell you and yet understanding seems so elusive?

What if, rather than trying to force your body to communicate with you in your language, you could learn to speak your body’s language? And what if it’s easier than you think?

Join us as we chat and play with Kass Thomas on our show on Monday 16th November. We invite you to explore communicating and communing with bodies the playground of possibilities….. where everything is play and anything is possible – including living a barrier-free life.

Kass is an AC Facilitator, Worldwide Coordinator of Language Projects for Access and Author. She is originally from Boston, went to university in New York and Paris and currently resides in Italy where she runs a boutique bed and breakfast with her partner in Rome. Her professional experience includes 5 star hotel management; production and marketing for TV, film and theatre; and, hosting of large and small scale international events, meetings & film festivals.

Kass offers workshops on Business, Money, Bodies, Relating to you, your body, other people and other cultures and a variety of fun introductory classes to Access. Her exuberant personality, quick wit and direct approach to pragmatic consciousness have been an inspiration to thousands of people. She hosts a radio show called The Ease and Amusement of Living Consciously with international guests in various languages and speaks several languages fluently herself.


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