What is Your Reality? with Heather Nichols

What is Your Reality? with Heather Nichols

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July 7, 2014 by Creating Beyond Reality! with Heather Nichols

Join Heather Nichols for the launch of her show, “Creating Beyond Reality”, to explore the topic of what exactly is your reality–and how can you tap in to what you know as a source for the creation of a reality beyond this reality?

What if everything you have ever thought is ‘wrong’ with you…is actually your greatest strength? Have you ever known that there was a different possibility in some area of life–but when you didn’t see it in others, or anywhere out there in the world, you decided that there must be something wrong with you?

What if this is the inklings of your reality? And what if your reality is totallly different from the reality of everybody else? What do you know about bodies, money, relationships, business, parenting, joy, fun, creation….that is so far outside of what you have seen before that you have never acknowledged it as your capacity to be a different possibility?

When you start to acknowledge what you know as a strength and something that is true for you…and you are willing to go beyond what you have seen in the world in order to create what it is you know as a possibility, then you begin to truly have you.

This is where you can start to truly have the joy of being you, and creating totally outside of the box of this reality…and this is where you begin to truly be the invitation you came here to be.

What are the infinite possibilities that you are aware of, that if you started to acknowledge them, would change everything?

Feel free to dial in so that you can ask questions…I’d love to hear your voice!


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