What is Your Reality with Business?

What is Your Reality with Business?

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September 29, 2014 by Creating Beyond Reality! with Heather Nichols

What is your reality with business? What does this question even mean?! What if you know a lot more about business, and your business, than you think you do? And what if the easiest, fastest, funnest way to success is to follow what you know–regardless of how others say it “should” be done? What you could always look at outside input on business from a curiosity of what works for you, and a trust of your own knowing?

What if, what you know about business is totally beyond what has ever been done before? Are you willing to have the courage with business to approach it first and foremost from what you know….and to allow that to guide you in a sometimes messy, non-linear journey toward greater success?

You may have no idea what that looks like, and that’s ok! Join us for this dynamic and different show and step in to possibilities for business creation that go way beyond what you have ever imagined!

Heather will be joined by 2 special guests who will be asking questions about their businesses, and receiving facilitation live on the show.

Is it time for business to be fun for you? What can you create?


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