What Is Your Inspiration? Guest Jill Felts

What Is Your Inspiration? Guest Jill Felts

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May 29, 2015 by Bringing The Sexy! with Carol Reinlie

Bringing the Sexy! with Carol Reinlie Radio Show

Many of us are inspired in different ways. Can we release and renew our spirits daily to step into an expanded life?

Join Access Consciousness Facilitator Carol Reinlie and Jill Felts, the founder, CEO and lead designer for Compelling Creations inspirational jewelry, as they talk about inspiration and the difference it can make in your life. Jill will share her wonderful story about what lead her to start a jewelry business.

Jill Felts has channelled her entrepreneurial drive into a passion to share her beliefs through messages and symbols inscribed on beautiful jewelry. She is the author of “Compelled to Inspire” which is filled with reflections on universal issues that can hold us back.

Carol helps speakers, entrepreneurs and authors find profits in their passion with her Passion & Profits coaching program.





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