What IS Partnership… Truly???~ Tammy Pocock & Trena Anderson

What IS Partnership… Truly???~ Tammy Pocock & Trena Anderson

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July 5, 2017 by Living BEYOND Dissatisfaction

TNT ~ Living BEYOND Dissatisfaction ~ Tammy Pocock & Trena Anderson Radio Show

Have you ever stopped to acknowledge the plethora of people, places, animals and things that your everyday life is BEGGING you to partner with? Truth, do you choose to acknowledge ALL of those possibilities of partnership and show up as full on as YOU? Or, is the “Who you show up as”, the “’What you show up as”, the “Why you show up”, the “Where you show up”, the “Why you show up” and the “How you show up” a persona of you, manufactured by you to fulfill that which is dictated to “Be YOU” by the person, place, animal or thing you are partnering with?

Join Tammy & Trena this week, as they conspires with you to explore the lies and limitations partnership has been bought to be and to discover the infinite possibilities of partnership as facilitation, creation, healing and joy.

Tammy Pocock is an Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator, Radio Show Host, and a Pragmatic Life & Partnership Coach, dedicated to working with people, bodies and animals.  An entrepreneur on the creative edge of online coaching and facilitation, she is dedicated to conspiring with others to actualize fast and amazing changes in their lives, truly actualizing a Conscious Partnership with themselves and ALL that is part of their lives, far beyond what they ever believed possible. 


Trena Anderson is an Access Consciousness Bars and ESSE Practitioner, Certified Equine Gestalt Coach, Animal Communicator, Intuitive Facilitator and an Immunotec Gold Consultant.

For more information visit her website at http://www.ConnectingInSpirit.com