What Imprisons Your Freedom? with Alun & Tamara

What Imprisons Your Freedom? with Alun & Tamara

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March 21, 2016 by Playground of Possibilities with Tamara and Alun

Have you imprisoned yourself by thinking you’re free? What have you decided freedom is and isn’t? Where are you playing it safe rather than choosing into the space of greater possibility? If you’re always choosing toward safety, are you truly free?

Consciousness includes everything and unconsciousness excludes and separates. What are you still trying to avoid and get rid of thinking that once you’re finally rid of it you’ll finally be free? What if there is no possibility of freedom as long as you still believe judgment is real?

Join Alun and Tamara on the Playground of Possibilities Radio Show where they’ll discuss ways we defend against being and receiving more by tricking ourselves into thinking we’re free. What wealth of freedom becomes possible when the lies we tell ourselves are finally exposed?


Alun’s website: http://alun-jones.com/

Tamara’s website: http://www.accessinfinitebeing.com/