What if Separation is a Lie?

What if Separation is a Lie?

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May 14, 2014 by Receiving Rachael

This weeks show, join me and my amazing friend Graeme Crosskill, where we will discuss the topic

What if separation is a lie??

Do you ever feel separate from everyone and everything?

Have you ever considered that separation is a lie?

Are you open to a different possibility?

So truth what if separation is a lie?

What if you could include everything and judge nothing?

How much ease would you have in your life?

How often do you separate from this reality?

And really can you receive in this reality if you are separating from it?

What if including EVERYTHING will allow you to receive what you been asking for?

Join us this week to explore and gift you tools to burst the lies of separation!!

In Gratitude

Rachael & Graeme


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