What if nothing is impossible? – Special Guest Liam Phillips

What if nothing is impossible? – Special Guest Liam Phillips

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April 4, 2016 by Playground of Possibilities with Tamara and Alun

Incurable, unchangeable, impossible… how many times have you had that said to you about something you were experiencing in your life? And how often have you bought that as so real and true for you that you then put all your energy and attention on fighting for and defending the limitations that creates?

For many people it just doesn’t feel safe not buying into the limiting beliefs and creating their life in ways that many would consider “impossible”. They just want to fit in. And if that means living with a debilitating health issue, or staying in a job that doesn’t pay well or bring them joy, or enduring a relationship that is really unpleasant – then… so be it.

Liam Phillips joins us this week for play and possibilities in the playground as we explore about what else is really is possible when you’re willing to choose beyond what you’ve bought as real and true. What have you decided is unchangeable, impossible, and incurable in your life? Would you like to join us and find out what else is possible?

Cute, funny, weird and occasionally devilish Liam opens doorways to different and new possibilities every day with all that he meets. But this was not always the way!  Liam grew up as a shy and uncomfortable boy which later turned to alcoholism, self judgment, intense fear of people and finally disease that almost killed him!  With just 24 hours to live Liam opened one of those doors to different possibilities and chose to step through it.

Now the Author of 9 books, Liam travels the world facilitating Access Consciousness classes and inviting people to different possibilities.  Liam’s message to the world is about having the courage to choose and be the uniqueness of you! And you don’t have to wait or create pain and suffering in your reality before you make that choice!  What if you could actually live the life YOU know is possible and never have to fit any box of limitation?  www.liamphillips.com

Join Alun, Tamara, and Liam and in the Playground Of Possibilities  where everything is play and everything is possible.

Alun’s website: http://alun-jones.com/

Tamara’s website: http://www.accessinfinitebeing.com/